IKEA's Lunar New Year Collection Welcomes the Year of the Rabbit

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This year, the Lunar New Year falls on Sunday, January 22, 2023, but you may also know it as Chinese New Year. The day marks the beginning of a new cycle following the traditional lunar calendar and is celebrated throughout China as well as much of Asia. Full of food, family, and parades, the transition is symbolic of hope and renewal. As we exit the Year of the Tiger and enter the Year of the Rabbit, this may signify a time for a home refresh — and what better way than with IKEA's Lunar New Year collection: FÖSSTA.


The assortment, created by designers Jennifer Idrizi, Zhelin Lian, and Willy Chong, is comprised of 32 pieces based around traditional designs of the Tang Dynasty, like plum blossoms, lanterns, and of course, rabbits. Each product was crafted with feedback from the Asian community.

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"This year, China celebrates the Year of the Rabbit and as part of the FÖSSTA Lunar New Year collection, we incorporated these bunnies into the design of our products," said designers Willy Chong and Zhelin Lian in a press release. "We hope these cute creatures will enhance the spirit of the Lunar New Year in people's homes, bringing a relaxed and festive feeling in this post-pandemic age."

You can check out the full collection on the IKEA website, but we shared a few of our favorites below.



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