This 'Lisa Frank House' Is Covered in Butterflies and Currently for Sale at $998k

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Calling all '90s kids! Courtesy of @zillowgonewild on Twitter, we just discovered a for-sale house that will take you back in time. The home is called the P.G. Butterfly House — and it looks like it's covered in Lisa Frank stickers.


The "P.G." stands for Pacific Grove in California, where the house is located. The exterior is covered in bright colors, rainbow patterns, tiny mirrors, and embellished butterfly sculptures. (Maybe it's just the '90s kids in us, but the sculptures totally look like oversized butterfly clips.)

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Even the garage doors are bright yellow and blue, complete with vibrant butterflies on the panels. The nearby plants — which have their own butterfly decorations, of course — are also housed in funky painted pots.


In other words, the house is hard to miss!

But as it turns out, that's precisely why the home has been decorated as such. According to an article by Roadside America, J Jackson and his wife, Sonja, moved into the house in 1977. Over time, Sonja's eyesight began to decline due to an eye disease, but she was still able to see vibrant colors.

J began attaching butterfly sculptures to the house. And according to a neighbor who spoke to the folks at Roadside America, he did this to help Sonja easily find the home. So sweet.


Since then, he has continued to adorn the home with handmade sculptures, paint, and scrap art.

What's more, the city of Pacific Grove has a close connection with butterflies. It's known as "Butterfly Town USA," as thousands of monarch butterflies overwinter (i.e., spend the winter) in Pacific Grove, according to the city's website.


Interestingly, the interior of the home is simpler, though it still boasts a vibrant color scheme. To take a virtual tour of the inside, click on over to Zillow, where it's currently listed for $998,000.



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