This DIYer Upcycled IKEA Kallax Shelves Into a Stunning Workbench

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It never fails to impress us how creative people can get with IKEA furniture. United Kingdom-based DIYer Shayna Alnwick posted a video on Instagram (@theflippedpiece) demonstrating their process of creating what they called their dream workbench, created from IKEA's Kallax Shelves.


They start with two Kallax units, one in white and one in gray. (They retail for $79.99 each at IKEA.) Then, they glue the two together and used brackets for additional support.

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To create an even surface, Alnwick uses plywood on both the top and bottom before they get to decorating. Later on in the process, they seal the plywood to create a smooth, durable tabletop.

Then, Alnwick begins to beautify their piece. They add wood trim to the base, paint the sides of the workbench gray, and add a framed herringbone panel to the end, made using a transfer and MDF — that's their signature design element.


Finally, they customize the workbench to their own needs, adding hooks to the side panel and locking wheels to the bottom, making the entire workbench mobile.

While Alnwick is using this creation as a workbench, you could easily use the same method to create a kitchen island. That's the beauty of DIY — you can adapt projects however you'd like.



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