This Easy Hack Will Make Your Loud Drawers Close Smoothly and Quietly

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Pesky house noises can be a serious nuisance, especially if you live in small space. And while many sounds call for actual remodeling or repair (think creaky floors and loud pipes), some can be fixed with inexpensive hacks.


Take slamming drawers, for example. The obvious fix is to close them slowly and gently, but even then, the slamming can still happen. But no worries — you don't need to replace your drawers or deal with the noise. As @byjillee proves on Instagram, silicone bumpers will do the trick.

Video of the Day

In a recent video, the content creator uses them to quiet a loud dresser drawer. Specifically, she places one in each corner along the inside of the front panel. This helps them close smoothly and silently, making them "much nicer to live with," she notes.


The best part? This hack is super affordable. Case in point: At Target, a 20-pack of Scotch silicone bumpers costs just $4.49. You can also buy them on Amazon. The product @byjillee used is a 200-piece set and costs $5.99.


See you never, noisy drawers.

Other uses for silicone bumpers:

Silicone bumpers might not seem like much, but don't let their simplicity fool you. They're some of the most handy items to keep around the home.


For instance, you can use them to reduce slamming noises in other fixtures, such as cabinet doors. Or try sticking them on the front of your toilet's tank, which will diffuse noise when the lid is lifted.

Another idea is to place silicone bumpers on the bottom of objects to keep them from moving. This is useful for things like keyboards, cutting boards, and home decor accessories. Who knew such tiny items could be so handy?


Alternatives for silicone bumpers:

For a more frugal take on this hack, use hot glue instead. All you need to do is place a dot of hot glue in the same spot you would a bumper. The rubbery texture of the dried hot glue will work just like the silicone pads.



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