The $88 Kids' Activity Table All My Mom-Friends Are Asking Me About

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I'm a first-time mom. (My daughter, Eleanor, just turned 1 and is literally the cutest.) But, anyhow, back to the first-time mom thing: Parenting-wise, I have no clue what I'm doing. But our 23-year-old nanny does and is actually a childcare guru who has been opening up our eyes to all the different ways to play with and relate to our daughter.


Her suggestion a few weeks ago? Time for an activity table. I'd seen these before on parenting blogs and Pinterest, but it always seemed like a kind of far-off purchase (the pictures always showed kids who were much older than Eleanor). Off to Amazon I went, some scrolling, and boom: the Mederra Kids' Picnic Table ($88.99).

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This little picnic-style table features two sides: one with a pink sink and dish accessories that even runs water (!!) through a battery-operated pump, and a coverable bin you can fill with sand or other sensory items. Additional cuteness comes with the blue-and-while parasol that will shield your babe from the sun.


The table is surprisingly high-quality; the wood is sturdy and uniform (I feel like mass-manufactured items involving wood can look inconsistent). The assembly was fairly straight-forward, although my husband and I did mess it up twice and had to unscrew pieces. The instructions are purely visual, so you need to make sure you're absolutely putting the pieces in the correct spot.

Once I set this up, I posted a pic to my Instagram Stories and my mom friends instantly started sending me messages. They were SHOCKED to find out it was from Amazon and even further shocked to learn it was under $100. (By the way, Eleanor LOVES it.)

Buy now: Mederra Kids' Picnic Table, $88.99



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