6 Blackout Curtains on Amazon to Help You Get the Best Night's Sleep

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Most of the time, we love big windows that let in a lot of light. But when we're trying to sleep in? Well, all that sunshine becomes a little inconvenient.


That's where window treatments like blackout curtains come in handy. Whether you want your bedroom curtains to block out sunshine or your living room to turn into a dark movie theater in the middle of the afternoon, these extra-thick curtains prevent light from illuminating a room.

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But that's not all — blackout curtains can also help regulate the temperature of your room. In the summer, they can keep your room cool by blocking out the sun's hot rays. And in the winter, they can prevent heat from escaping through your windows. Oh, and blackout curtains can even help with noise reduction, as they dampen sounds that pass through them. (If you live in a city, this could help with the noise of traffic or sirens!)


Who knew window treatments were so important? If you're looking for the best blackout curtains for your home, head over to Amazon to find some pretty affordable options.

Best Overall

These blackout curtains might not be fancy, but they're perfect for darkening your room. They're made with two layers that effectively block between 85% and 99% of visible light and UV rays, but we recommend opting for the darker colors for the most darkness. Speaking of colors, these curtains come in 25 hues to suit all styles and come in 13 different sizes to fit any window.


Best Patterned

Most blackout curtains are solid colors, but if you want a pattern, this floral set hits the mark. The watercolor-style design adds a touch of farmhouse flair, which would work in living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens.

Best Thermal/Insulated

It's not just light that's blocked by blackout curtains; it's heat and cold too. This double-layer, triple-weave curtain, which comes in a set of two panels, does a great job insulating your room. Choose from 26 colors, all of which are lined with black fabric to ensure darkness.


Best Velvet

As velvet is typically a thick, plush material, it inherently has darkening and insulation qualities along with noise-reducing qualities too. This curtain comes in 25 colors and seven lengths. For the best light blockage, make sure you pick a dark hue and a length that's longer than your windows. You don't want any light leaks!


Best Linen

Under typical circumstances, linen is a pretty lightweight material that is light-filtering rather than light-blocking. But these curtains have a blackout lining that blocks 100% of light. So while the curtains might be heavy with two layers, they don't look so heavy thanks to the linen-like material.


Best for Kids

Kids' rooms should be fun, which is why we love these subtly patterned curtains. They're adorned with silver stars that reflect light shined upon them. Though the curtains come in a range of colors, from pastels to gray to white, we're partial to the navy blue option for its likeness to the real night sky.



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