This Is How You Add Pops of Color to an All-White Bedroom

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There's nothing quite as crisp and clean as an all-white bedroom. But if you want to make it a little more personal, it might be time to consider adding just a little pop of color to your sleeping space. Now, you don't have to go ahead and paint the town red, but adding some accent pieces can make your space feel especially cozy, so long as you are intentional with the color choice.


"Color in a bedroom can be wonderful and beautiful, but it's always important to keep the space calm — we need good sleep!" says Jenn Feldman, founder of Jenn Feldman Designs. "Tonal, more 'water-cooled' down palettes work well and feel enveloping and soothing."

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There are so many opportunities for color: upholstery, bedding, pillows, vases, rugs, lighting, paint, wallpaper, art, and various knickknacks. Plus, that touch of color may hide some of the wear and tear that an all-white space puts on display.


"When designing a white room, it's important to consider every piece of the space," adds Morgan Jent, lead interior designer at Design West. "Just like a blank canvas you have to layer in the right amount of texture, color, contrast, and lightness."

Looking to spruce up your sterile space? These 22 ideas feature white bedrooms with pops of color that are easy to incorporate yourself.


22 Ways to Add Color to a White Bedroom

1. Top the bed with colorful throw pillows.??

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

When in doubt just throw on a pillow. Easily interchanged, colorful throw pillows are one of the easiest ways the enhance the vibrance of a space. Suddenly bored of it or feel like it doesn't match your vibe? Experiment with a new hue, pattern, or texture to see what best fits. This scheme plays on texture, pulling in green and cream pillows to match.


2. Top the bed with colorful throw pillows

Artwork speaks for itself, which is why adding a colorfully eccentric piece like this bedroom does means you won't have to do too much in terms of color. Plus, it gives you something to play off further into your color journey. For instance, this bed features a mustard yellow lumbar pillow that highlights the yellow already in the image.



3. Create a colorful bookshelf.

Utilize your TBR list by color-coordinating your favorite reads on a bookshelf, which is a nice dip into a room of color. Here, a mixture of books adds the perfect pop to a cube bookshelf. Not to mention, seeing them every night will remind you to carve out some time for reading.


4. Add a throw blanket to your bed.

Like pillows, a throw blanket provides a splash of color — as well as warmth and coziness. While the white bedding is the main attraction, the mustard yellow blanket adds a vibrant pop that matches the throw pillow. It's an extra inviting way to call yourself to bed night after night.


5. Keep fresh flowers in your room.

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh flowers? Adding some to your nightstand will not only brighten up your morning, but also brightens up the space with some natural color. Blogger Designthusiasm pink roses and hydrangeas. If using real ones, just remember to change out your florals.



6. Invest in (or DIY) a new headboard.

If your bedding is white, you can go a bit more bold with your headboard for a big statement. Blogger A Beautiful Mess, opted for that in this kids' bedroom with features a funky mustard bed frame. The cherry hue carries throughout with fun pink and yellow polka dots on the white walls and a pink throw blanket with yellow tassles.


7. Go bold with wallpaper

This vibrant navy and white wallpaper stands out against the white bedding in this room. A darker headboard, lamp and nightstand work in the electric space and the plaid red pillow becomes the perfect finishing touch. Consider using wallpaper as an accent wall to not completely overwhelm the room.


8. Brighten things up with artwork.

The bedding and nightstand of this modern bedroom is white, which makes this midcentury lamp stand out even more. The blue hue also contrasts nicely against the yellow pillow and more muted throw that are resting on the bed. Finally, colorful artwork really makes the space one of its own.


9. Incorporate a dark nightstand and bench.

Designer Jenn Feldman used some serious contrast in this mostly all-white bedroom. The serene feel of the room is broken up a bit by a dark navy nightstand and bench at the foot of the bed, for a serious punch in the space. A cream-patterned accent wall and textured bed frame adds some intricacy.

10. Get funky with bedding.

This nearly all-white bedroom from Design West breaks up the neutral scheme using some calming blue textured bedding. While the walls, headboard, nightstand, shades, and ottoman keep the brightness the pillows and rugs help balance out the cool colors. A hanging chandelier brings a touch of glitz to the bedroom, as well.

11. Use one additional color throughout.??

One additional color can really add a pop in a neutral bedroom, so long as it's carried throughout multiple accents. The Mendelson Group upgraded this cream space with a maroon accent over the bed, which is also seen in on lamp in the chandelier and the bench at the foot of the bed. Textured bedding and a tufted headboard add some eye-catching details to the space.


12. Welcome a hint of greenery.

Wreaths shouldn't just be limited to Christmastime—or your front door. Blogger Zevy Joy created a laurel wreath using two leafy branches that she hung above a bed with a monogram in the center. For more of a colorful option, you can make your own using more colorful florals or even dried flowers and pampas grass.

13. Make use of greenery.??

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Plants not only make you feel happier and breathe better, but they also add in some major foliage that provides some much needed greenery to a white space. Whether you go with a ficus or fern, you can up the color scheme with a playful pot or surround it with knickknacks, as was done is this room. Don't have a green thumb? Fake plants always get the job done.

14. Mix in metal accents.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Metal accents are a great way to subtly spruce up a white room without adding a lot of color. This golden globe table lamp shines next to the white textured bedding. Metallics can also be used in mirrors, knick knacks, and even hardware on dressers to add a punch.

15. Find a single statement piece of furniture.

When choosing a colorful statement piece in their bedroom, blogger Emily Henderson went big with a blue dresser. It's definitely the conversation starter in the room, so she went with more neutral wooden accents in the mirror and chair to allow it to speak. That way the room doesn't feel overwhelmed when dipping your toes into adding color.

16. Throw down a brightly patterned rug.

Rugs tend to make a room feel warmer, and adding a bright rug under your bed is a simple way to add some color into the mix. This setup takes it a step further by matching a lumbar pillow with similar hues. It creates a brighter feel to build your dreamscape in.

17. Weave in colorful knickknacks.

Collecting knickknacks your personality and you travels, and offer the perfect opportunity to add some color when on display. This shelf next to white bedding features a collection of plants and vintage items. While none of the colors are exactly the same, they coordinately nicely and show off the sleepers unique style.

18. Start with softer hues.

Going from all-white to something with a little more pizzazz can feel overwhelming to some. This elevated cream bedroom from designer Jenn Feldman dips its toes into contrast with some grayish hues. Working with pastel yellows, blues, and pinks achieves an additional pop without feeling too aggressive or you can add in faded rugs, textiles, and accessories.

19. Introduce a single accent color.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

This otherwise white bedroom gets a sweet burst of color thanks to the sweet pink accents seen in the chair, ottoman, and artwork. Each piece is of a similar hue that work together to create a bright and colorful room that's still cohesive without feeling overbearing. That way, it doesn't overwhelm the serene bedroom.

20. Feature bold curtains.

Colorful curtains are a notch above using throw pillow or blanket to add a pop of color to a white room. These bold burnt orange curtains contrast nicely against the white walls and blue rug in the bedroom from blogger The Blushing Bungalow. You can also incorporate a floral pattern or a stripe for less heavy color.

21. Play with color blocking.

An accent wall is the perfect way to add some color without taking the time to cover all for corners (something especially important if you're renting). If you want less color opt for a modern pattern that only covers part of the wall, like this one did with a gold diagonal pattern. The same can be done with swiggly lines or bold squares and arches.

22. Incorporate some texture.

To elevate the overall feel of the room, play with different textures. This space not only has funky lines on the bedding, but also funky textures in the different throw pillows. Paired with a chunky knit blanket and it ups the coziness factor to a 10.