HAY's New Sofa Collab in an Actual Work of Art

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When you think of statement sofas, what comes to mind? If you're like most folks, it probably involves pieces with funky shapes or printed patterns. But now, thanks to a new collab, we can now add dreamy hand-embroidered sofas to the list.


Design company HAY has teamed up with Loji Höskuldsson, an Icelandic artist. The collab is for CHART, the leading Nordic art event. As the official press release notes, "In the occasion of CHART's celebratory 10th edition, HAY is launching 'An Attempt to Refine the Backyard,' a limited-edition series of 50 Mags Soft Sofas that feature embroidered embellishments in Höskuldsson's signature poetic style."

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If you're unfamiliar with HAY's Mags Soft Sofa, it's a popular plush sofa with rounded edges and low, deep seats. It's also made of high-density down-covered foam cushions, which sounds like an actual dream. The sofa is available as a two-seater or three-seater, and unsurprisingly, it's one of HAY's bestselling pieces.


The release explains the collab further: "According to the artist, the sofa depicts 'A spring cleaning day in the backyard of a building where all the residents set their arguments aside for a day in an effort to make their environment seem more appealing to outsiders' eyes. The cleaning only vaguely masks their problems.'"

With that said, the seemingly random collection of embroidered details makes a lot of sense. On the sofa, you'll find drink cans, a grill with food, and a plethora of colorful flowers. It's a charming work of art, to say the least.


The original embroidered sofa is currently being shown at the CHART Book Fair in Charlottenborg Palace. Until August 28, people can purchase one of the 50 made-to-order reproductions at HAY House Copenhagen or Hverfisgallerí. Alternatively, folks can email hay.house@hay.com or sigridur@hverfisgalleri.is to place an order.

To learn more about the HAY x Loji Höskuldsson collab, check out the news announcement here. You can also view more of the artist's work on Instagram.



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