This Candle Always Has a Spike in Sales During Mercury Retrograde

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Yes, Mercury is in retrograde ... again. For the third time this year, from our view here on Earth, the planet will appear to move backward in its orbit from September 9 to October 1. When this happens, we can expect unwelcome accidents to occur, since Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology, gossip, travel, and news.


In other words, during Mercury retrograde, it's best to take it slow and think before you act or speak. Even better: Take a personal day and light Anecdote Candles' Astrological Storming candle, which was designed specifically for tough retrograde times. In fact, according to a press release, the company sees a spike in this candle's sales whenever Mercury is in retrograde.

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"Smells like full moons and Mercury in retrograde," reads the product description. More specifically, you can expect the candle to have notes of apple, pear, exotic violet, incense, and sandalwood — fresh, calming scents that will bring you back down to earth.

For $24, you can buy a standard 7.8-ounce jar of Astrological Storming, while a 3.4-ounce travel tin is $14. The former can be lit for 40 to 50 hours, while the latter provides 25 to 35 hours of burn time. Since the upcoming September-October Mercury retrograde is 22 days long, we recommend burning the standard candle for about two hours each day or the travel version for around 1.5 hours per day.


However, you might want to save your candle because the fourth Mercury retrograde of 2022 will be happening from December 28 to January 18, 2023. Or, better yet, come prepared with an entire stash of candles.



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