Trader Joe's Fans Are Scooping Up This Unique Frozen Dessert

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If you love hybrid desserts, you're going to adore the newest seasonal treat at Trader Joe's. The beloved retailer recently released banana pudding-flavored ice cream, and it sounds like an actual dream.


According to the Trader Joe's website, the ice cream is flavored using banana puree, then swirled with salted caramel. It also "contains bite-sized bits of vanilla-flavored wafer cookies to provide the same delightful textural element as you'd find in banana pudding dishes at potluck dessert tables across the country."

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On Reddit, Trader Joe's shoppers are loving the treat, calling it "delicious" and "creamy with great banana flavor." One person commented, "banana-flavored ice cream just doesn't seem to exist at any larger grocery stores. I'm planning on buying 10 of these to stash in my freezer in case it's a [short-term] seasonal item, like the pumpkin ice cream."

One pint of the Trader Joe's banana pudding-flavored ice cream costs $3.49. You can find the product in the freezer section, but keep in mind that it's a popular limited-edition item, so it may sell out quickly.


What to eat with Trader Joe's banana pudding ice cream:

If you're bananas about bananas, try using the Trader Joe's ice cream to make a banana split. You can also enjoy it with sliced bananas and whipped cream to emphasize the flavor of banana pudding.

The seasonal ice cream will also taste great with the following toppings:


  • Chocolate chips
  • Chopped fruit, like peaches or strawberries
  • Extra caramel drizzle
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Marshmallows

If you vanilla wafers on hand, try making mini ice cream sandwiches. Yum.

Can you make banana pudding ice cream at home?

Another option is to make the dessert at home. For example, this banana pudding ice cream recipe by One Sweet Appetite looks divine. It's a no-churn ice cream, meaning you don't need an ice cream maker.



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