You'll Never Have to Dry Mugs by Hand Again With This Dishwasher Hack

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Whether you're a new owner of a dishwasher or someone who's been using dishwashers for years, there's a chance you're loading your top rack all wrong. Specifically, the way in which you're loading mugs.


Many users simply plop in mugs upside down, completely vertical. But the issue with that setup is that water usually pools in the bottom of the mugs, requiring you to dump and dry them before putting them away.

Video of the Day

In a viral TikTok video, creator @sidneyraz shares a tip for avoiding pooling water in mugs, and it's simpler than expected. All you have to do is load the mugs in at an angle rather than vertical, and the water will drain right out.


Of course, commenters were quick to join one of two sides: Either this tip was life-changing or already a habit.


"Sooo I'm not suppose to shake the rack violently to get the extra water off?" wrote @photojunkie143.

"How did you not know about this?" wrote @mk7_st.

Regardless, loading items in the top rack of your dishwasher at an angle is a pretty solid idea, whether for mugs, glasses, or bowls. In fact, some dishwashers are even designed with angled surfaces for that very purpose.

So kudos to you if you were already on top of this dishwasher-loading tip, but if not, we hope this hack makes your day.



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