This New Zillow Feature Rates Homes Based on Neighborhood Biking

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Biking became increasingly popular throughout the pandemic, whether that was because it provided an alternate mode of transportation that allowed for social distancing, because people were looking for ways to stay active, or maybe because individuals just needed a way to head to the store without getting on a bus or train. Regardless, bicycling is here to stay, but we'll be the first to admit that not all neighborhoods are bike friendly.


The newest feature on Zillow, Bike Score, allows homebuyers and renters to easily see if their new home is a good match for their lifestyle. The tool measures how bikeable a neighborhood is on a scale of 1 to 100. The statistics are based on four components: the existence of bike lanes, how many hills there are, road connectivity, and the number of bikers already residing in the area.

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The closer the score to 100, the happier a biker will be. According to the Zillow website, this means that everyday activities like going to work or running errands can be completed on a bike. Any score below 50 means that there is minimal bike infrastructure.


You can find the Bike Score feature under the "neighborhood details" tab on various home listings, including condos and apartments. This component was rolled — or should we say, wheeled — out as part of a larger launch including the Walk Score and Transit Score features that give searchers more insight about what transportation is like in a given location.

The goal is for users to find their dream home that offers them the life that they want to live — which includes how easy it is to hop on a bike.



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