What Is the Flap on the Dishwasher Top Rack For?

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Dishwashers: where would we be without them? Anyone who grew up washing dishes by hand as one of their household chores, or who had a messy roommate they shared a kitchen with in college, can appreciate the value of the appliance. But for such a beloved tool, there are certain interior components of dishwashers that may still cause confusion. While most of the appliance is pretty self-explanatory — we all know where the plates go — there are others that are a bit more ambiguous.


For example, the internet has raised valid questions about what the intended use is for the piece at the top of most dishwashers that resembles brackets. Typically on hinges, this flap is a unique shape with an unclear purpose. We can assume that it's been designed for some sort of dish, but what sort exactly?

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Like most things in life, there are multiple answers. Stack Exchange user Niall says it has a few functions depending on the dishwasher design. One function they mention is having an extra place to put cups of certain sizes. "They can also be used for longer utensils such as knives or spatulas," they add.


The consensus for the main purpose of this section, though, is wine glasses. A critical tool in most households.

"They are for holding wine glasses upside down by the stem, safely, so they don't fall over and break during the washing cycle," elaborates another Stack Exchange user, ElendilTheTall. User rumtscho backs up this claim, even citing proof from their dishwasher manual. They add, "I also love using mine for hanging mixer attachments. They fit there perfectly and don't crowd the spoon basket."


So there you have it, folks! Try out nestling wine glasses in this section of your dishwasher, but don't shy away from putting anything else there too that needs a safe space for washing.



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