DIY Supercharged Energy-Clearing Room Spray

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When you want to cleanse the air in your space and eliminate negative energy, a room spray is an easy and lovely method to try — and best of all, it's smoke-free. No smudge sticks, no mess, and no burning smell found here.


You can buy handcrafted cleansing room sprays, but it can be even more meaningful and powerful to make your own. The ingredients are simple, but the process allows you to supercharge the cleansing spray three ways: with the moon, crystals, and your personal energy. Then spritz as often as you like to get rid of unwanted vibes with the grounding scents of rosemary and cedarwood combined with peaceful and calming lavender.


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Things You'll Need

Make the Moon Water

Tap water just doesn't cut it for energy cleansing. For a more powerful room spray, use water infused with the light and energy of the moon.


It's super simple to make your own. Grab a jar and fill it with water, adding herbs, crystals, flowers, and citrus peels, if you like. Use whatever feels right — if you feel drawn to something, use it! The water will draw upon the energies of the plants as it infuses.

Close the jar with a lid and let the water sit overnight either outside or inside on a windowsill that gets moonlight. A full moon is ideal!


Make the Room Spray

To make the energy-cleansing room spray, first combine the witch hazel and essential oils in a 4-ounce glass bottle. You can replace the witch hazel with grain alcohol if you have that on hand. One caution: grain alcohol is not recommended for use if you have pets.



These essential oils not only smell good, but their scents help cleanse the air:

Rosemary​: Cleansing for the mind and the air, helps revive stagnant energy.

Cedarwood​: Uplifting aroma that releases tensions.


Lavender​: A calming, relaxing and rejuvenating fragrance that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Optional Essential Oils:

Palo santo:​ Made from the 'sacred wood' this essential oil helps clear bad karma.


​Sage:​ Renews vitality, breaks through stress and exhaustion, but can be toxic if ingested and not recommended for use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let the witch hazel and essential oil mixture sit for about five minutes to give the essential oils a chance to dilute. Then add three ounces of the moon water you created and replace the spray nozzle.


Charge the Spray With Crystals

Another easy way to increase the effectiveness of your spray is with crystals. Make a simple crystal grid that surrounds the bottle and let the stones charge your spray. You can also include small pieces of crystals in the spray bottle.



Two good stones for energy cleansing:

Black tourmaline or black obsidian​: Protective stones that absorb and repel negative energy from the environment. These grounding stones help collect and focus energy.

Clear quartz or rose quartz​: Stones to amplify the energy of tourmaline or obsidian for an additional energy-shielding effect.


Set a Personal Intention

This isn't just any ol' room spray so take a few minutes to set an intention before using it. Hold the spray in your dominant hand and think about what you want to accomplish with the room cleanse. Release bad memories? Banish negative energy? Make positive changes?

Then take a few moments to think about channeling that energy from your body to your hand and into the bottle.

Spritz to Cleanse and Purify

Shake before each use then spritz four to five pumps in the air and repeat as often as you like, anytime and anywhere you want to cleanse and purify. Use it to freshen bed linens, clear stagnant energy where you meditate or journal, and refresh the spaces where you need to bring positive energy, like your entryway or home office space. You can also mist and fan the spray over yourself for a personal energy cleanse — just avoid contact with the eyes.



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