10 Genius Whole Foods Hacks That Will Save You Money

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In most cities across the country, Whole Foods is a grocery store staple, and it's known for its enormous selection of organic, local, plant-based, and fair-trade goods. Yet, the brand is also notorious for its sky-high prices.


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While Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods has lowered prices to some extent, we're always on the lookout for a discount. If you're a Whole Foods shopper who feels the same way, we've got you! Here are 10 Whole Foods hacks to help knock a few dollars (or even more) off your weekly grocery bill.

Just keep in mind that store policies can vary based on location, so you might want to ask a Whole Foods employee for more details before you check out.


1. Use the Whole Foods app to save 10%.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, download the Whole Foods app immediately. Once you log in to your account via the app, you'll get a bar code that can be used (and reused) for an automatic 10% off every purchase.

2. Pay attention to deals for Amazon Prime members.

Within the Whole Foods app, there's a section that shows weekly deals on Whole Foods goods for Prime members only. You can also spot yellow or blue signs throughout Whole Foods stores that announce those same savings.


3. Buy in bulk.

Whole Foods usually offers a discount if you buy an entire case of a product, sometimes to the tune of 10%. You can also score a 10% discount on wine if you buy six bottles or more.

4. Ask for smaller portions of produce, cheese, or bread.

Say goodbye to that rotting head of broccoli in the back of your fridge. Instead of buying a whole piece of produce, cheese, or bread, you can ask Whole Foods staff to cut it down to the size you need.


5. Tap into the expertise of butchers and fishmongers.

This might not shave any money off your bill at checkout, but there's a free Whole Foods service you probably didn't know about: Butchers and fishmongers can cut, debone, and even season your meat or fish for you. They're experts, so feel free to ask them anything, including which cuts of meat or catch of the day is the best deal.


6. Snag free snacks for your kids.

Grocery shopping isn't always the most fun for kids, so why not brighten their experience with a free snack? Head to customer service to get a "Kid's Club Coupon," which is redeemable for a snack, like a fruit leather or animal crackers.

7. Shop the salad bar for ingredients, not just a meal.

If your recipe calls for a small amount of produce, check out the salad bar to see if you can grab the exact amount you need — it might even be cheaper than asking for a smaller portion from the fresh produce section!


8. Take advantage of Beauty Week.

Whole Foods sells far more than just food — it's also well known for its personal care items. For one week a year, the company hosts a massive beauty sale that offers big discounts on your favorite products. (It usually happens in March.)

9. Try before you buy.

In the pre-pandemic days, Whole Foods was a grazer's paradise of free samples. Though samples are on a temporary hiatus, keep this tip in your pocket for the future — if you ask an employee for a sample of nearly any product in the store (even packaged ones), they're likely to give it to you.

10. Shop on Wednesday mornings.

Whole Foods changes its weekly sales on Wednesdays, so for the best odds of sale items being in stock, you'll want to arrive as early as you can that day. Plus, it's usually far less crowded on Wednesday mornings than it is on weekend afternoons.