Easily Clean Baseboards Using This Kitchen Tool and DIY Cleaner

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Baseboard cleaning is one of the most forgotten chores when it comes to home cleaning. They are so close to your floor, so they can get dirty from scuff marks as well as dust and grime that settles on them daily. We often don't notice our dirty baseboards until they get ​really​ grimy, and they can be a real pain to clean. The great news is, there is an easy way to clean baseboards using a kitchen cleaning tool and this DIY homemade cleaning solution.


Things You'll Need

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How to Easily Clean Baseboards

Step 1

Fill your dish cleaning wand 3/4 of the way full with warm water, leaving room for the fabric softener.

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Step 2

Fill the dish cleaning wand the rest of the way with liquid fabric softener. The fabric softener will help to loosen any stuck on debris when you are cleaning the baseboards, while also keeping some dust from sticking because the fabric softener reduces static electricity.


Step 3

Replace the lid to the wand scrubber and shake well before each use.

Step 4

Scrub your baseboards lightly in a back and forth motion. It's best to work in 3-foot sections so you can keep from making a mess.

Step 5

Wipe each section clean with a towel or cloth after scrubbing.


In between deep cleanings of your baseboards, you can remove dust by wiping the baseboards with a used dryer sheet. It's one of the best ways to remove buildup. Using a dryer sheets as a duster alternative is one of our favorite cleaning secrets!

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