12 Buzzy New Releases and Products to Carry You Through Winter

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We can say with a degree of confidence that nobody wants to revisit early quarantine trends, like 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles, Zoom happy hours, and baking sourdough bread. So, while the Omicron surge and frigid temperatures are keeping us stuck at home once again, we're turning to new sources of joy that we didn't have the first time around.


From a recently released candle designed to wake you up in the morning to the coziest robe we've ever worn, these are the latest items that are getting us through this umpteenth period of social distancing. Without further ado (since who has patience these days?), here is everything you need to hunker down indoors — again.

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For Your Space

1. Dusen Dusen Grid Bedding, from $58


Nothing makes us feel more refreshed than updated bedding, and this new Dusen Dusen line hits all the right notes. The graphic white and sage pattern is eye-catching yet subtle enough for the bedroom while the smooth, cotton sateen fabric is cool to the touch and guarantees a breezy, restful sleep.


2. Gantri x YOWIE Tiny Table Light, $248

Bay Area plant-based lighting brand Gantri teamed up with Philly lifestyle shop YOWIE to produce this charming table lamp with a thick, petal-shaped base and a domed, gumdroplike diffuser. It's just the deskside companion you need to brighten up your endless work-from-home weeks.


3. SIDIA Wired Candle, $58

It can be tough to leave the safety of your sheets and start your day. That's why Coveteur co-founder Erin Kleinberg developed this energizing candle for her comfort-forward lifestyle brand SIDIA. With notes of eucalyptus, citrus, ginger, and ash-spiced tobacco, it's designed to be "the bright-eyed burst of clarity that grounds your first fresh breath of morning air."



For Eating and Drinking

1. Etto Dried Radiatori Pasta, from $7.50

Made in central California by a small Italian American, family-owned company, this is the best dried pasta we've ever tasted. It's crafted with organic durum semolina flour, extruded through traditional bronze dies, and dried slowly at a low temperature to maximize flavor, texture, and nutrients. Though it's available in normal boxes, we prefer the 2-kilogram bags.


2. Ghia Ginger Le Spritz, from $18

Bitter aperitivo meets ginger beer in this delightful nonalcoholic spritz that's ideal for any night you're not drinking, whether you're observing dry January, you're hungover from drowning your sorrows, or you're living booze-free all the time. The adorable cans have zero artificial flavors, added sugars, caffeine, or preservatives, so you're only getting pure ingredients and effervescence.


3. Graza Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set, $35

Most high-quality olive oils with beautiful branding are prohibitively expensive for everyday use, but Graza has bashed that stereotype. Its duo of single-origin extra virgin olive oils is super fresh, comes in playful squeeze bottles with pleasing graphics, and costs only $35. The best part? One bottle features a bold flavor for drizzling, and the other has a mellow taste for cooking.



For Wearing

1. Bombas Sunday Slipper, $68

Bombas socks are a treat for your feet, so it's no surprise the philanthropic company's first-ever hard-bottom slippers are a must-buy. Fuzzy sherpa material keeps your toes warm and snug, while a rubber sole allows for a walk to the mailbox. We won't judge if you wear them to the grocery store too.


2. OFFHOURS x West Elm Renaissance Homecoat, $295

Like we said, getting out of bed is a daily challenge, but this ultra-cozy, oversize robe collaboration between OFFHOURS and West Elm makes it much easier. With super-soft fleece on the outside, smooth cotton jersey on the inside, and plush recycled polyester quilting in between, the homecoat is basically a wearable comforter. Yes, it'll make you look like a marshmallow. Yes, you will thoroughly enjoy it.


3. SET Active Mojito Half-Zip, $125

SET Active just released its 2022 core collection, which includes both exercise apparel and loungewear in a slew of muted jewel tones. Every garment, from this trendy half-zip to sports bras and performance leggings, is available in each of the 10 staple hues so you can look put-together with a matching outfit whether you feel in control or not.


For Your Bookshelf

1. Atlas of Interior Design​ by Dominic Bradbury, $68.14

If you have a lot of at-home time on your hands, consider combing through this massive tome that surveys 400 of the most inspiring residential rooms from around the world in the past 80 years. It represents every interior design style imaginable, from the midcentury splendor of the Eames house in Los Angeles to the "less but better" minimalism of the Rams residence in Kronberg, Germany.

2. One: Pot, Pan, Planet: A Greener Way to Cook for You and Your Family​ by Anna Jones, $31.49

Whether you're devoid of energy for cooking elaborate meals or you're experiencing deep existential dread, this compilation of simple, sustainability-focused recipes is just what you need. Vegetable goddess Anna Jones offers over 200 meals that require just one pot, pan, or tray ​and​ prioritize the future of the environment. From Persian noodle soup to quick squash lasagna, the dishes are delicious enough to restore your sense of hope.

3. Slim Aarons: Style​ by Shawn Waldron and Kate Betts, $52.40

Ditch 2022 and escape into the glamorous, pre-pandemic world of fashion industry luminaries and stylish socialites with this collection of images by the iconic American photographer Slim Aarons. Expect early black-and-whites, portraits of the fashionable elite, and pictures of designers, like Oscar de la Renta, Emilio Pucci, and Lilly Pulitzer.



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