7 Genius Ways to Solve Not Having Desk Drawers

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If you're like us, you've spent quite a bit of time recently thinking about how to stay organized at home. When you're working remotely or from a home office, things can get cluttered quickly. And it can be even harder to keep all your office supplies in one place if your desk doesn't come with drawers. We love a minimalist look, but sometimes you just need a place to store your laptop at the end of the day.


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You could add a mobile filing cabinet, but if you're looking for something smaller, there are other great options out there.

We rounded up a few we recently found, whether you want to hide away your planner and laptop, or just find a landing spot for your headphones.

1. Bold MFG & Supply Under Desk Storage Shelf, $49

This powder coated steel organizer comes in black or white and is designed to help you store paper materials or your laptop. It includes four screws for mounting, so you can get those office materials tucked away ASAP.

2. Lexie Creative Art Drawer Storage Box Under The Desk, $14.58

If you don't have a ​ton​ of desk accessories, but you need your essentials close by, consider a smaller option. The ridges of these small storage boxes help keep things tidy. Installation looks easy, since you only need an adhesive to put it all together.

3. Seek On Solutions Headphone Holder Under Desk, $8.88

If you mostly want somewhere to keep your headphones without the wires getting tangled, consider this 3D-printed find. It uses an adhesive that the seller describes as "strong and damage free" on wood surfaces. You can choose from a handful of hues, including golden yellow, black, and red.


4. Poppin Blush Wall Pocket, $23

This solution is a little different from the others, but it's a great option if you don't want anything underneath your desk. Try using the wall space around you and add a wall pocket or two to stow away your supplies.

5. Under Desk Phone Holder, from $10.88

Let's say you're good about keeping things organized but there's just ​one little thing​ that keeps you distracted. This sleek phone holder can definitely help. Plus, there's an added bonus, as one reviewer shared: "I constantly lose my phone so it's been nice to expect it in one place."

6. The Container Store Undershelf Basket, from $11.99

Yes, technically you see these used in kitchens or closets. But why not bring them into the office? One reviewer added them to the floating shelves above her workspace to create even more storage. Depending on the style or size of your desk, you could experiment with using them on the desktop itself, too.


7. My Form Design Desk Storage, Black, $81.54

This find is a little higher in terms of price range but the design boasts a modern edge. It comes in red, white, silver, or black, and can technically also be used as a shelve on top of your desk (if you flip it over). The catch: It ships from an international destination, so U.S. shoppers might want to consider an alternative.