The Best High Pressure Shower Heads for Ultimate Water Comfort

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Whether you're in search of something to make your showers more effective or just needing to make your moment of relaxation more luxurious, you'll want to turn to a high pressure shower head.


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High pressure shower heads maximize the flow of water through a few methods, including the use of compression chambers as well as a decreased flow rate, which results in a greater output of water. With a high pressure system, you'll notice a more thorough, quick clean, as increased water pressure allows you to more efficiently wash and rinse. Additionally, the high pressure shower system creates a more relaxing experience. The pressure can alleviate sore muscle aches and feel more all-encompassing (a welcome feeling come cold winter months) than low-pressure systems, where you might have to choose which section of the body gets to be under the hot water.


If your current shower offers a light flow, sometimes feeling like the water is just barely pushing out, it's likely that the shower head currently installed is low pressure. Luckily, this can be an easy fix, requiring just a simple installation. Choose between a wall-mounted, rain shower head, handheld, or three-way shower head and look for a flow rate close to or at 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).


To make the search simple, we rounded up 10 of our high pressure shower head top picks, from budget-friendly options to splurges.

The 10 Best High Pressure Shower Heads

Indulge with this three-way shower head from Hydroluxe that gives the convenience of a handheld shower head with the water coverage of a rain shower. This model features a 2.5 GPM flow, 24 flow patterns, and a self-cleaning, anti-clog nozzle. Use the handheld shower head for targeted cleaning, while the overhead rain shower creates a comforting, steady flow for the entire body.


Pros​: Cost-efficient, multi-use, high GPM, color options

Cons​: Not as durable as other selections

This wall-mounted, top-rated shower head by Speakman has a 2.5 GPM flow rate and three spray patterns: intense, rain, and flood. This shower head features Speakman's patented plunger system and self-cleaning nozzles and guarantees a powerful spray even under low water pressure.


Pros​: High GPM, self-cleaning nozzles, constructed of durable, solid brass

Cons​: High price point, only one color available in 2.5 GPM

If you're shopping for a new shower head on a budget, consider this model from High Sierra. This 2,000+ reviewed, nearly five-star shower head features a 2 GPM flow and a design that ensures minerals in your water won't result in a clog in the nozzle. The High Sierra wall-mounted shower head's flow is strong, offering a full spray of large drops.


Pros:​ Cost-efficient, durable design, easy to install, three colors available

Cons​: Only one spray setting, lower GPM

With AquaDance, you can have a luxurious, high pressure shower for less than $30. This high-rated wall-mounted model features a flow of 2.5 GPM, the highest flow manufacturers are allowed to sell, and comes with a self-cleaning nozzle. For your shower, choose between six settings: power rain, massage, power mist, rain mist, rain massage, and water-saving.


Pros​: Cost-efficient, high GPM, selection of spray settings

Cons​: Made of plastic, only one color available

For a sleek, modern shower head that features a high flow rate, there's the Delta Contemporary. This shower head comes in four colors, allowing you to match the contemporary design to your stylish bathroom, and has three spray settings. The swivel-ball assembly allows for 360-degree shower head rotation, and their "Touch Clean" technology allows you to wipe away calcium build-up (common in hard-water showers) with the touch of a finger.


Pros​: High GPM, four colors

Cons​: High price point

This high pressure, rain shower head from MeSun offers a top-of-the-line look and feel at an affordable price point. With a 2.5 GPM flow, the rain shower experience will allow you to be fully surrounded by water – with the flow coming from directly overhead – for a shower that is both relaxing and efficient. This MeSun design is constructed of stainless steel and features an adjustable extension arm for convenient installation.

Pros​: High GPM, variety of shower head sizes and colors, cost-efficient, easy installation

Cons​: Less sturdy than rain shower heads mounted to the ceiling

YOO.MEE's Thermometer Handheld design proves that budget shower heads don't have to be basic. This shower head, which has 2.5 GPM flow, displays the water temperature as well as an LED light associated with a temperature range. This function is designed to help create the perfect, safe temperate for children and pets. And on a more visual level, this shower head has a cool, contemporary design, making it the perfect addition to a modern bathroom.

Pros​: High GPM, cost-efficient, temperature display, stylish

Cons​: Only one spray setting, only one color, made of plastic

If you're willing to splurge on a shower head that offers a spa-like experience, consider the Arris Pressure Balance Shower Faucet by Moen. The water flow can be adjusted, with a maximum flow of 2.5 GPM, allowing you to pick the pressure that's right for you. The rain shower offers "exceptional water coverage," while the design adds style to your bathroom and shower.

Pros​: High GPM, adjustable flow, sleek design

Cons​: High price point

If you're looking for something more unique – something considerably different from your typical shower head – consider Kohler's Moxie model. This wall-mount shower head features a magnetic Bluetooth speaker meant to turn your daily showers into an experience. Cue up meditation after a long day of work, your favorite pump-up song after a sweat-sesh, or the morning news before heading out for the day. On top of this shower head's speaker component, it also has a 2.5 GPM flow rate and durable construction. Best yet, it's on sale.

Pros​: Detachable Bluetooth speaker, high GPM, on sale

Cons​: One spray setting

This top-rated Delta model's three-way diverter allows for handheld use, rain shower use, and a combination of both. This shower head features a 2.5 GPM flow rate and includes four spray settings. Their pause setting allows you to reduce the flow of water "to a trickle," which allows you to maintain the water temperature without constant output for things like shaving and lathering.

Pros:​ High GPM, multiple spray settings, multi-use

Cons:​ One color option, higher price point