The 15 Best Faucet Brands for a Top-Notch Sink

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Installing a new faucet is a simple way to upgrade a kitchen. Updated features, such as touch activation, an array of spray settings, or mobility allow you to match a faucet to your lifestyle and needs, making it more than just a running tap.


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To make the pick easy, it's best to start your search with a reliable faucet brand. A good kitchen faucet brand will have customer loyalty — there's a reason people keep coming back — with offerings ticking at least two of these boxes: affordability, quality, innovation, practical use, and style.

Give your kitchen sink a simple makeover with a new faucet from one of these 15 brands.


The Best 15 Faucet Brands for a Top-Notch Sink

1. Moen

Moen has long been a name in the world of faucets, coming onto the scene in 1947. The brand has always been at the forefront of innovation and design while maintaining its status as a reliable brand, a reason it's stayed a favorite. Designs range in price point. On a budget, you'll be able to find a high-quality faucet, while the higher end offers features like motion-sensing technology and the coveted pot filler. The Georgene Spot Resistant Stainless Kitchen option is one of the brand's highest-rated faucets, featuring Power Clean spray technology, a pulldown faucet, and (as the name suggests) a spotless appearance.


2. Delta

If high-tech is high on your list of priorities, there are few brands better and more reliable than Delta. The kitchen faucet brand's goals relate to the customer experience and how innovation can play a role. As such, they're often coming out with sinks that solve problems you didn't yet realize you had (like turning it on with the touch of an elbow). Style-wise, you can find sinks that fit modern to classic aesthetics, as well as a wide price range. For cutting-edge technology that just so happens to be a faucet, you'll want the Essa Voice IQ faucet, which can measure out things like "1 cup of water" based on voice commands, and turn on and off without ever touching it.


With over 100 years in the plumbing-fixtures business, Pfister has built a loyal customer base with its tried-and-true designs and modern adaptations. Because this brand has been around for quite some time, you'll find a large selection of options. The budget-friendly options maintain a high-quality and spot-resistant finish, while the pricier faucets offer more uses than the basics, as well as more modern styles. The top-rated Montay faucet features an industrial-inspired design, pull-down spray, three water settings, and five color options.


4. Kohler

For a more high-end faucet with a modern design, consider one from Kohler. The brand has been around since 1873, leading ingenuity in both design and business thinking – the brand plans to be entirely sustainable, with a goal of net-zero, by 2035. While this brand tends to be on the pricier side, the products are high quality (its ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards), and you'll feel good knowing your money is going to a company that supports environmental and clean water initiatives around the world. Tournant is one of the brand's more popular models. It's a semi-professional style faucet that features three sprays, 360-degree spout rotation, and water temperature memory.


5. Kraus

Kraus is a brand that expertly combines styles and quality. Without ever forfeiting the functionality of the faucet, Kraus faucets offer designs that complement and even upgrade a kitchen's appearance. The sleek, contemporary Oletto Touch Sink comes in four different color options, guaranteeing that your high-end sink matches your design style. It features Tapflow Technology, a water-resistant finish, pull-down spray head, and can be easily installed.


For a variety of faucets — from pull-out to pull-down to bar faucets and more — with options that can appeal to someone not looking to spend over $400 on a new faucet, American Standard is the way to go. The brand promises quality and style with a selection of faucets that won't break the bank. The Chatfield faucet "offers the perfect balance of style and functionality," pairing sculpted lines with memory position valving, a pull-out spray head, and two spray settings. This highly-rated faucet is one of the brand's cheaper offerings at $146.


7. Danze

A relative newcomer to the faucet world, Danze has made a name for itself with contemporary designs and eye-catching, single-handle faucets. And while looks are nice, they also guarantee quality with ceramic disk valves that ensure durability and longevity. The Foodie faucet is one of the more popular faucets, offering four different finishes. In addition to the sleek design, the Foodie is meant to be functional in the kitchen, with a 360-degree swivel, two levels of spray, and a rubber nozzle to prevent the buildup of kitchen grime.

8. Grohe

German brand Grohe has been dedicated to creating quality, innovative, modern designs for the past few decades, and its products reflect those values. In the past 10 years alone, the brand has received over 240 design and innovation awards, a testament to the quality and advancements of its designs. At Grohe, you'll find incredibly stylish while still functional faucets – but keep in mind most are on the pricier end. The Zedra SmartControl Kitchen Faucet allows you to control the sink with ease. A button at the top allows you to turn the water on and off and valves at the tip of the faucet let you control the water flow and temperature while in hand. Additionally, this model is CALGreen compliant.

Hansgrohe is a brand whose faucets focus on contemporary styles, forward-thinking technology, and sustainability. Its sleek designs pair with high-quality materials and practical elements, like pull-down sprays and a Quick Clean technology that helps prevent buildup. Some of the designs can get pricey — like the Aquno Select — but some of its staples remain within the budget-friendly range, including the Lacuna faucet, a Home Depot favorite.

10. Forious

Forious is a truly budget-friendly brand. Available at Walmart and on Amazon, you can find faucets for around $50. Despite lower prices, the brand doesn't skimp on quality, with products crafted of lead-free material (often stainless steel) that are resistant to corrosion. The single-handle kitchen faucet, available on Amazon for just under $50, has over 16,000 reviews and maintains a nearly five-star rating. This model offers a 360-degree swivel pull-out kitchen faucet and a CUPC certification.

AquaSource is the Lowe's in-house faucet line. The brand carries a few different styles – from a standard deck-mount silver faucet to more industrial-inspired faucets – all for under $100. The Deck-Mount, Low-Arc Handle faucet is made of stainless steel for durability and the ceramic disk cartridges reduce drip, a convenient water-saving feature. Though it might not be the most modern faucet design, reviewers indicate that this model is effective and cost-efficient.

12. Rohl

Rohl is all about the details. The brand utilizes timeless techniques that focus on handcraftsmanship to ensure quality in its product's functionality and design. The brand leans more modern in style but has some options perfect for the French-inspired kitchen. The Acqui faucet in Italian Brass is perfect for creating a more elegant, timeless-looking kitchen. This faucet features an insulated brass side spray, brass construction, and ceramic disc control cartridges.

13. Vigo

Vigo is a brand that places an emphasis on both style and quality. When working on new designs, the brand not only thinks innovation but, "What do the customers want?" looking to reviews and feedback to create a product that meets both industry and customer standards. The matte-black finish is a favorite and staple of the brand, seen (and loved) on its highly-rated Brant faucet. This faucet's ceramic cartridge was tested for over 500,000 uses to prevent leaking, and the PerformanceSpout is eco-friendly. The pull-down spray head extends up to 30 inches and the dual-action spray head allows you to switch between an aerated and powerful flow.

14. WEWE

After success in the sanitary ware industry, WEWE decided to branch out, creating easy-to-use and install faucets. The brand crafted simple faucets that could be installed by the buyer, cutting out what customers saw as an unwanted expense, at a budget-friendly price. The brushed-gold farmhouse faucet is stylish while still offering functionality, all for under $100. The make's dual-mode setting allows you to switch between an aerated and powerful stream, and its food-grade PEX inner hose promises fresh, clean water.

Home Depot's Glaciers Bay combines the home improvement store's commitment to quality with classic designs and budget-friendly prices. Nearly every faucet has over four stars, many receiving upwards of 500 reviews, making it a clear standout. The McKenna model is a top seller, with 90% of customers recommending it, and comes in at just under $100. This faucet features a stainless-steel finish, modern style, a 360-degree swivel, and TurboSpray, which offers 30% more power than a standard pull-down faucet.