15 Eye-Catching Etsy Fall Wreaths Under $50

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Now that fall is in full swing, it's the perfect time to get into the autumnal spirit with some leafy decor. While you've probably already hauled out a dusty box of baubles and plastic pumpkins like the rest of us, adding a few new decorations is sure to spice up your fall festivities!


To help get your harvest decor juices flowing, we've rounded up 15 of our favorite fall wreaths for under $50 on Etsy right now.

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1. Pumpkin and Pinecone Wreath, $26.73

This classic wreath has all of the traditional trappings of autumn, with maple leaves, pumpkins, guards, and pinecones all commingling in stellar fashion.

2. Fresh Magnolia, Pampas, and Grain Grasses Wreath, $47.68

This wreath is handmade with real magnolia, pampas, and grain grasses for a farm-style look perfect for capturing all of the fall feels.


3. Fall Farmhouse Mini Wreath, $34

Opting for a mini wreath is a more subtle nod to the season, and is particularly well-suited for those with smaller living quarters and more limited space. This cutie comes scented or unscented, with a lengthy list of seasonal scents to choose from including Baked Apple Pie, Mulled Cider, and Sugar Cookie.



4. Autumn Fall Harvest Wreath, $36.19

This leafy rustic wreath made with real vines will bring the orchard right to your front door.


5. Neutral Brown Felt Leaf Wreath, $44.20

For those interested in a sleek and chic wreath, this minimalist felted design fits the bill.


6. Woven Burlap Wreath, $44

This unique woven burlap varietal puts a cottagecore spin on the classic wreath. And who doesn't love a pop of gingham?


7. Gold and Copper Magnolia Leaf Wreath, $45


Class up your home with this opulent gold and copper-painted magnolia leaf wreath. This stunner is proof that seasonal decor ‌can‌ be sophisticated!


8. Fall Cornucopia of Colors Felt Rag Wreath, $45

Here's another fiber-based head-turner, featuring bundles of green, maroon, orange, and yellow felt that will usher a cozy, hygge vibe into your space.


9. Autumn Berry Lambs Ear Hoop Wreath, $39.99

Minimalism is on full display once again with this sophisticated hoop wreath, delicately adorned with lambs ear and autumn berries.


10. Handcrafted Earth Tone Fall Sunflower Wreath, $45


Burlap and sunflowers are a match made in Heaven, and this wreath is proof. Capped off with a gingham bow, it doesn't get much homier than this wreath.

11. Fall Pine Cone Wreath, $42

Pinecones are quintessential autumn and a great addition to any decor assortment this time of year. This wreath puts them in the spotlight, with pinecones of assorted colors arranged in lovely layers.

12. Autumn Berry Wreath, $26.99

This simple yet eye-catching wreath is perfect for those going for that minimalist farmhouse decor aesthetic.

13. Dried Flower Wreath, $44.95


The dried-out flowers and light color palette of this wreath set it apart, bringing an air of femininity and softness to any space.

14. Eucalyptus Wreath, $19.99

A classic eucalyptus wreath like this one can complement almost any interior or exterior style, and not just visually. The scent of eucalyptus is always soothing and refreshing, setting a pleasant tone in your home for the holiday season.

15. Lamb's Ear With Red Berries Wreath, $49.99

Instead of decking the halls with boughs of holly, look to this lambs ear and red berry wreath for classy holiday cheer.



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