7 Ways to Make Your Seating Look Expensive and Luxurious

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If you're looking for an easy way to spruce up your space, focus on your seating. This includes furniture like sofas, loveseats, dining room chairs, and benches, just to name a few. After all, these pieces are major items in the home — so it only makes sense to give them extra attention.


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Fortunately, this is possible to do even if you're on a budget. Ahead, learn how to make your seating look expensive and high-end, according to interior designers.

1. Reupholster your chairs.

Often, the fabric on vintage and secondhand chairs could use some TLC, Katie Simpson, senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, tells Hunker. Luckily, it can be easy to reupholster this fabric, even if you're not the crafty type. "All you need is new fabric, a staple gun, and [maybe] a little extra foam to make the seat more padded," explains Simpson. She also suggests viewing upholstery tutorials on YouTube.

2. Add pillows and soft blankets.

"If your sofa is looking a little tired from pets, kids, [and] countless movie nights, a simple solution is to refresh the look with new pillows and extra plush throw blankets," Simpson tells Hunker. "This will help hide any marks and draw the eye to the accessories."

3. Update the legs.

"Swap out the existing legs [of your seating] with metal ones," suggests Kenzie Leon Perry, interior designer and founder of Ze Haus. This will give your seating a luxurious and modern look. Don't want to switch out the legs? "Paint them in a metallic finish to make your seating look more expensive," says Perry.

4. Add nail heads.

"Add finishing details like nail heads [along the bottom edge] of upholstery," recommends Perry. This will make your seating look tailored and finished. The best part? Nail heads are available in a range of shapes and finishes, so you're to sure to find something that suits your style.

5. Style a faux sheepskin throw.

To create a luxe feel, style seating with a faux sheepskin throw. As Peyton Helsen, interior designer at Rumor Designs, tells Hunker, "Simply drape a small [piece of faux] fur over the back of a couple chairs to create a cozy and luxurious seating area. This adds texture and is especially cozy in the winter months."


6. Clean your upholstery.

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest. Case in point: Getting dirty upholstery professionally cleaned can make a huge difference, designer Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs tells Hunker. "Not only does it remove stains and odors, but it also lifts the [pill off] the fabric," which makes the upholstery look newer, she says.

7. Avoid matching sets.

"An easy way to make your seating look more expensive is to bring in different shapes, colors, and textures," says Lauren DeBello, interior designer and founder of Lauren DeBello Interiors. "For instance, if you [have] a solid, neutral couch, bring in a bold pattern for the armchairs." Another option is to display high-end dining chairs at the ends of a table, then place vintage wooden benches along the sides. "This brings different textures to the space and helps elevate the room as a whole," DeBello tells Hunker.