The 5 Best Sound Machines On Amazon

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We're all seeking a good night's sleep. And guess what? It's totally achievable. Create your own personal sanctuary with soothing sounds like ocean waves, piano melodies, or just some classic, peaceful white noise. With tons of machines on the market, it can feel a bit daunting, so we've narrowed it down to the five best for every need. Whether you're trying to dilute the city noise, put your baby more soundly to sleep, or you're simply a light sleeper, please meet your new best friend.


Best for Babies

Have a little one? This is the best of the best. It's a sound machine and night light in one. Plus, you can control the settings — color, brightness, sound, and volume level — all from your phone. This noise machine will grow with your child. It's the baby sound machine parents swear by.

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Most Stylish

Before we discuss all the features of this sound machine, can we just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics? Okay, now that we've done that, let's focus on the product's equally amazing technical capabilities. Select from 31 sound options, including fan sounds, white noises, and nature sounds. It's also super travel-friendly — very compact and powered by AC or any common USB port.


Best Overall

There's a reason critics and customers rave about Snooz. Between the non-looping white noise (from a real fan), compact and portable design, plus the easy-to-use Snooz companion app, it's the real deal.

Best Budget Buy

Less than $20? Don't mind if we do. Not only is this model incredibly budget-friendly, but it's also an all around great product. With nearly 40,000 reviews on Amazon and close to five stars, the HoMedics sound machine is way more than just affordable. Choose between six different sounds mimicking the natural environment, while taking advantage of the auto-off timer and AC adapter. If you're looking to just test the waters with a noise machine, this is the one for you.


Best Two-in-One

There's nothing quite like a two-in-one. Here we have a sound machine and essential oil diffuser duo. Pick from white noise and relaxing piano music, while the sweet smells drift you right off to sleep. Fall asleep faster, get great quality rest, and feel refreshed in the morning. What more could you want?



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