10 On-Trend Bathroom Upgrades You Can DIY With Ease

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Your bathroom may not be the place where you're channeling all your interior design energy, but it's actually a room where you can integrate your personal style much easier than you'd think.


Thanks to less real estate to work with (compared to, say, your living room), each decor move can go a long way. No clue where to start? We compiled a list of easy-to-achieve bathroom DIYs that will help you flip (or subtly tweak) your bathroom into a more personalized, stylish space, especially considering each one can be done with high-quality supplies from Walmart. Bathroom of your dreams, coming right up.


1. Add some color with printed wallpaper

Your walls set the tone for the entire room, so switch them up with minimal effort by adding a peel-and-stick wallpaper like Drew Barrymore Flower Home Gingko Pink Peel & Stick Wallpaper. Cover all the walls with a floral print for a maximalist botanical feel, or stick to just one area for a modern, contrasting look. No one will guess that it isn't the permanent kind — or that you didn't hire a professional to install it.


2. Swap the vanity

As the focal piece of furniture in the room, swapping the vanity will make any bathroom feel brand new. Something as timeless as this Free Standing Double Basin Vanity (in a stunning, unexpected shade of navy) blends contemporary and classic features that complement any interior design style.


3. Opt for multitasking pieces

Looking to add some storage space to your revamped powder room? Pick out multitasking elements like this Better Homes & Garden Mirror Medicine Cabinet with gold framing to add some opulence to the space.


4. Choose a modern faucet

In a small space, transforming decor is all in the details. Swapping your faucet for a new Single Handle Sink Faucet can instantly create a polished finish to your powder room, and will make you feel like you're in the bathroom of a fancy hotel.


5. Create more space with a floating vanity

A floating vanity, like a Culter Kitchen and Bathroom Floating Vanity Cabinet, creates the illusion of a more spacious room while amping up the contemporary aesthetic.


6. Switch out floor texture

Flooring can seem like a lot of work, but an easy-to-use product like the FloorPops Remy 12in. X 12in. Peel and Stick Floor Tiles make upgrading yours sneakily simple. This grey motif adds a vintage touch to an otherwise minimalist bathroom.


7. Colorblock your walls

While white walls may be a classic, don't be afraid to shy away from bold color trends — like this Drew Barrymore Flower Home Terracotta Interior Paint that will make a statement while creating a warm, inviting ambience.

8. Add metallic tones

Just when you thought you had to stick to the basic colors of your existing bathroom essentials, you're introduced to spray paint. Using an exciting color like the Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Interior/Exterior Metallic Spray Paint can give a glamorous look to trash cans and towel baskets.

9. Upgrade your toilet with a smart feature

Yes, high-tech gadgets belong in the bathroom, too. This Hot/Cold BidetSelf-Cleaning Dual Nozzle Toilet is easy to install, turning your bathroom into a ​smart bathroom​.

10. Create a luxe shower experience

The shower should be a sanctuary of solitude that you never want to leave, and upgrading to a BWE Black Shower Faucet Square Luxury Rain Mixer Shower System will make the experience even more luxurious by giving your bathroom a spa-like feel.

​​Want more inspiration for DIY bathroom upgrades? Check out Walmart's one-stop resource for everything you need to get started here.