The Spirit Lover's Definitive Guide to Alcohol Subscription Boxes

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Let's be honest — there are very few things more thrilling than a box of booze delivered straight to your door.


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Ranging from wine samplers to create-your-own cocktail kits, there are a ton of alcohol subscription boxes that give our fave meal delivery services a run for their money. But with loads of options on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to find the tastiest, highest quality boxes that also give you the best bang for your buck. And that's where we come in. We've cut out all the confusion, and narrowed it down to the best of the best alcohol delivery services.

Whether you're a wannabe beer expert, self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, or the world's best at-home bartender, there's a kit calling your name.

1. Winc, first box is 4 bottles for $29.95

Winc is a wine lover's dream. With an unmatched variety, Winc sends you the perfect wine based on your unique interests — from flavor and location to food pairings and more. The consumer-driven company uses its members' preferences to create and source top-tier wines. Enjoy a vast assortment of bottles from the finest winemakers all over the world.

2. Cocktail Courier, $29.99-$49.99 per box

Cocktail Courier hooks you up with seasonal ingredients and recipes each month, catered directly to your spirit preferences. It's the ultimate option for lovers of customization. Swap recipes, add garnishes and glassware, or opt to only receive the mixers and use your own alcohol cabinet. This affordable cocktail kit makes the perfect gift for your favorite at-home bartender (who can also be yourself).


3. Craft Beer Club, $44.75-$89.50 per box

We all know a beer lover (might we go so far as to say a beer snob?). Well, leave it to the experts to scout out the best brews from around the country. Select between 12 and 24 bottles per box from America's finest independent and micro-breweries, delivered each month, every other month, or quarterly. The shipment includes bottles (or cans) from two craft breweries, so you'll be sure to experience new techniques and flavors month after month.

4. Vinebox, $65-$95 per box

Sophistication at its finest, Vinebox offers quarterly, seasonally-themed boxes featuring European wines that come by the glass in small vials. Sip in style by selecting all reds, all whites, all rosé, all from one location, or a combination of it all.

5. Haus, $40-$192 per box

We promise you'll be the trendiest one on the block with this one-of-a-kind apéritif subscription box. What exactly are apéritifs? Haus describes it perfectly: "They have the flavor complexity of a cocktail, but are low enough in alcohol content (stronger than wine, lighter than whiskey) that you can enjoy them in a cocktail, without the consequences." Casually sip one of these delightful spirits created with fruits, herbs, and botanicals straight from a glass, or mix and match them with your favorite cocktail ingredients. Choose from flavors like citrus flower and rose rosé, with ingredients sourced from the same farmers supplying Michelin-star restaurants. Cheers to these clean, flavorful, and undeniably chic spirits you and your guests simply won't be able to get enough of.


6. Mash&Grape, $44-$79 per box

Passionate about a specific spirit and maybe not so passionate about another? Mash&Grape is the box for you. Pick your favorite — whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin, tequila, or rum — and receive rare, handpicked bottles from small distillers and independent bottlers around the world.

7. Shaker & Spoon, $40-$50 per box

Shaker & Spoon is the perfect subscription box if you're looking to try unique recipes catered towards different spirits each month. Receive recipes, house-made syrups, and bottle recommendations — basically everything except for the booze itself. They stand wholeheartedly by this approach — no alcohol upcharge, more room for ingredients, shippable to anywhere in the country, and no signature required for delivery. It's pretty perfect if you already have a stocked liquor cabinet and are looking to add a few new recipes to your repertoire.