The Cozy Item You Might Not Know IKEA Carries

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We're all used to going to IKEA for budget-friendly furniture and home goods, but did you know that the Swedish retailer ​also​ carries bathrobes?


If you navigate over to the Home Textiles section of IKEA's site, there's a subsection for clothing and accessories, which is where you'll find the two styles of bathrobes that the company currently offers: the Rockån and the Rastälven, both of which cost less than $40.

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The Rockån is IKEA's older, more affordable robe (according to reviews, it's been around since 2018). But the Rastälven is a new product designed to be a smidge more upscale.

So forget the idea that you need to drop hundreds of dollars to create a spa-like bathroom at home. You can simply load up on IKEA products to achieve your dream pampering zone. (In fact, the company even has a blog post detailing exactly how to do it. "Get the spa feel going with scented candles, some tea, a good read, and a soft, comfy bathrobe fresh from the laundry ready by your side," the retailer suggests.) You can also complete your cozy outfit with these slippers, which cost less than $3.


Curious to know more about IKEA's bathrobes? We've got the deets below.

1. Rockån, $19.99

For just under $20, you can get a 100% cotton bathrobe in white or gray that's perfect for daily use. IKEA notes that this robe might experience up to 6% shrinkage, so if you're on the cusp of sizing, go up. Reviewers do note that this robe is on the thinner side.


2. Rastälven, $39.99

IKEA's more luxurious bathrobe, which is a little plusher than its base model, also comes in white or gray. It's a bit more expensive, but still far cheaper than what you'll find from big-name linen brands. It's also 100% cotton.



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