The Tea Lover's Guide to Every Kind of Kettle

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It's a scientifically proven fact that tea is 50% about the taste and 50% about the cathartic preparation process.


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Okay, maybe that's a touch dramatic, but there is just something so comforting about the entirety of teatime. And it's no secret there are about a million tea kettle options on the market. From electric to portable to itty bitty, keep reading for a full breakdown of the best kettles in every category.

Best Electric Kettle: COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

This electric tea kettle has accumulated a bit of a cult following over the past few years. There's just something about the way its spout pours and the sleekness of its design that is truly unique. Whether you're making black tea, green tea, or anything in between, the fixed temperature settings and speedy heating capabilities make for an unmatchable ease of use.


COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle, $69.99

This stainless steel number boasts a five-star rating for its combination of style, performance, and affordability. Its simple design fits effortlessly on any stovetop.


Grosche Marrakesh 1 qt. Gooseneck Kettle, $39.99

Tired of overspending on pre-made iced tea? Look no further. Simply boil your water, drop in a few of your favorite tea bags, steep, cool, and you'll have the perfect glass of iced cold tea ready to pour straight from the glass kettle.


Aofmee Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Jug, $29.99

The juxtaposition of a matte black finish and beautiful wooden details creates a stovetop tea kettle perfect for the most contemporary of homes.


Primula Matte Black Tea Kettle with Wood-Look Handle, $39.99

Best Large Capacity Kettle: Demeyere Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Serving up cups of tea for a large family? Here's your answer. Pick between a 4.2- and a 6.3-quart kettle, perfect for even the biggest of tea parties.


Demeyere Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, $65

Best Small Kettle: Le Creuset Demi Kettle

Living in a small space? This kettle is ideal for those teeny tiny studio cooktops.


Le Creuset Demi Kettle, $75

At just over $7, this high-quality, name-brand kettle is an easy choice.


Mr. Coffee Carterton Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, $7.40

The rich color, retro style, and sturdy cast iron frame create a kettle that you will never want to put away. This is truly a forever piece.


Staub Enameled Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle, $195

Feeling outdoorsy? This silicone kettle collapses nearly flat to easily store in your backpack for a fireside overnight adventure.


Topoko Collapsible Camping Kettle, $19.98

Doesn't this kettle just make you feel all cozied up in a cabin at sunrise? For a sweet addition to any kitchen, this is an absolute go.

The Pioneer Woman Blooming Bouquet Enamel on Steel 2-Quart Tea Kettle, $24.84

Best Artistry: Hay Sowden Kettle

I'm not sure Hay has ever made something that isn't wicked cool. And this kettle is surely no exception. This teapot truly doubles as a piece of art.

Hay Snowden Kettle, $95


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