5 Clever Ways to Use LED Light Strips

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We've all seen those multi-colored LED light strips adorning teenagers' bedrooms. But what if we told you that those same strips could actually be used to elegantly elevate your home decor in a way that's ​actually​ chic?


Check out five amazing ways to illuminate your house with LED light strips, thanks to these genius tips from TikTok and Instagram.

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1. Motion-Activated, Under-Cabinet Lighting

TikTok user @chandlerisaac uses motion-sensor LED light strips to illuminate the underside of her bathroom cabinets. This way, there's no more being blinded by your bright lights during a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip!

2. Accent Lighting Behind Shelves

Run strip lights behind furniture like shelves or cabinets to provide subtle, sleek backlighting.


3. Under-The-Stairs Illumination

Under-stair strip lighting works beautifully with a floating staircase like this one. You can also use the lights to illuminate the stairs attached to a back deck, which would certainly help with nighttime navigation.


4. Spa-Like Bathroom Lighting

Give your bathroom a spa- or hotel-like feel by running strip lights behind your vanity mirror.

5. Closet Lighting

Let's be real — closet lighting isn't always the best. But you can line your shelves with strip lighting to brighten things up. Try it in your bedroom closet — or even your linen storage.



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