The 10 Best Water Purifiers You Can Buy on Amazon

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Let's start with the facts — there are an overwhelming amount of water purifiers on the market. From pitchers to portable bottles to the increasingly popular sink-compatible systems, it can be tricky to scope out the winners from the bunch. And how do you choose between the cult classic Brita and the lesser-known brands? With all this in mind, we have narrowed down the top 10 water filtration systems on Amazon based on quality, price, and aesthetics.


Best Space Saver

The Brita's reliable UltraMax is the brand's largest capacity, slimmest design model. It's incredibly space-efficient while still managing to hold 25 cups of water.

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Most Stylish

This might be the sleekest-looking water filter on the market. Since there's no under sink electricity required, it can even serve as the perfect accompaniment for your RV adventures. The 24-month filter life also makes the maintenance of this purifier super easy.


Best Sink Attachment Option

While IVO may be a lesser-known brand, the quality and convenience of this filter make it a true fan favorite. IVO is actually manufactured by Toray Industries in Japan, which also makes the Torayvino the number one faucet-mounted water filter in Japan.


Best Under-Sink Option

Get the most bang for your buck with this under-sink filtration system. It also takes just three minutes to install and three seconds to swap out the filter. The positive reviews really say it all. One customer writes, "The installation was a breeze, they thought of everything and included everything. The quality of all materials is superb and the clever and easy way to change replacement filters is the best I have ever seen."


Best for Students

With the ability to hold 10 cups of water, this dependable filter fits great on refrigerator shelves. With its easy-to-fill, easy-to-lock, and easy-to-pour guarantee, it's the perfect match for the fast-paced college lifestyle.

Best for Small Sinks

Blending in seamlessly with your sink's design, this filter is just as easy to install as it is to use. The one-year warranty on top of the ultra-affordable price makes this purifier a winner.


Best Filter Pitcher

This Waterdrop model is not only cool-looking and very affordable but also maintains incredibly high filtration quality. The wooden handle is a feature unique to this Waterdrop model.


Best Budget Buy

This affordable, incredibly popular water purifier is also compatible with the easy-to-locate Brita filters. Customers swear the quality is comparable to more expensive models.


Best Travel Option

If you're always on the go, the convenience of this purifying water bottle is unmatchable. It's also the highest-rated item on this list with a rare 4.9 stars on Amazon. The bottle itself is extremely lightweight and fits universally into cupholders.


Best for Large Households

The reviews and price on this countertop filter can't be beat. It boasts a simple style that will easily work in any kitchen and has over 20,000 four and five-star ratings on Amazon alone.



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