Just a Few Central Perk Couch Dupes for 'Friends' Fans

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We're not going to say it. We're not going to say it. We're ... okay, we're going to say it. Could we BE any more excited for the Friends​ reunion?


After a pandemic-induced delay, the much-awaited TV special is finally airing on May 27 on HBO Max. Now, there are countless moments from ​Friends​ that have rightfully entered the pop culture lexicon, but one of our favorite, most everlasting symbols of the show has to be the big couch at Central Perk.

The couch has some unique qualities that make it stand out. First, it's eclectic style, mixing elements of a chesterfield sofa (namely the tufted back and rolled arms) and a wingback chair. Second, it's got gold fringe. And third, it's a lovely burnt orange hue, which is actually making somewhat of a comeback these days.


All in all, it's something that you'd definitely expect to find in a local coffee shop — that is, a hand-me-down from your cool and kind of weird aunt. While that specific couch was found in storage at Warner Bros., it turns out you can buy pretty similar options for your own home, if you're bold enough to work with the color! Check out nine couches à la ​Friends​ below.


1. One Kings Lane Ashby Sofa in Rust Velvet, $4,395

This is about as close as it gets! We've got the right color, the curvy silhouette, and the tufted back — all that's missing is the fringe (which you might be able to add yourself with a little DIY hacking).


2. Toynk Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop 3-Seater Couch Replica, $3,299.99

If you're a real diehard, you can buy this replica of the couch — but we'll admit it's pretty cartoonish!


3. Anthropologie Fan Pleat Sofa in Cinnamon Velvet, $2,198

And this is a pretty close second. Same style, smaller size — which is perfect for anyone living in an apartment (and we don't mean your grandmother's massive rent-stabilized unit).


4. Joybird Lewis Sofa in Vibe Sunkist, $2,450

No, it doesn't have all the same elements as the ​Friends​ couch, but it ​has​ nailed the color (and it looks perfect to sink into with your friends while you have a cup of coffee)!


5. Anthropologie Channel Tufted Two-Cushion Sofa in Spice Valencia Velvet, $1,748

This sofa has a channel-tufted back, elevating its style ever so slightly compared to the ​Friends​ version.


6. Rosedorf Park Luther Chesterfield Sofa, $1,399

This couch is a pretty solid contender between the color and the style, though it has the traditional horizontal profile of a classic chesterfield.

7. Apt2B Saxon King Chair in Hacienda Velvet, $1,568

Yes, this is a chair, but it's got the classic ​Friends vibe —​ and it might just be big enough to seat two!

8. Anthropologie Kettleby Sofa, $2,598

For a boxier look that still keeps all of the plushness, opt for this Anthropologie chesterfield.