9 Ergonomic Gaming Chairs That Aren't Hideous

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If you have a loved one or roommate in your life who loves gaming, you've probably already come to this disappointing realization: Gaming chairs are the worst.


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Not only are they big and bulky, but they're also often adorned with aggressive logos and dark brooding colors that make them look like little villains sitting in the back of a room. Gaming chairs are often so bulky and visually displeasing under the guise of prioritizing ergonomic comfort — but, here's the thing, ergonomics don't deserve this assault on their good name. We've rounded up some chairs that would be perfect for gaming without terrorizing your sense of style.


1. Bella Ivory Faux Leather Swivel Gaming Chair with Arms, $169.70

It may be a little bulky, but with the right faux fur or patterned throw tossed over its back, it would be downright stylish. It also doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. It has padded arm and headrests, as well as lots of cushioning on the seat — it even has a hideaway footrest!


2. Albaugh Suede Executive Chair, $209.99

Look, in the video gamer's court of law this one might not quite hold up, but hear us out. It has ergonomic support, a back angle tilt, and even lumbar support. Most importantly, it features a beautiful camel-colored suede fabric that will look nice in any office or game room.


3. Techni Mobili Sport Race Executive Chair Camel, $188.99

Instead of some terrible combination of red or electric blue and black, it features a subdued camel and white colorway that's actually, dare we say, pretty? It also has an ergonomic back and armrests that flip up so that you can easily slide it under a desk or table when not in use.


4. Inbox Zero Office Task Chair, $89.99

With black stitching juxtaposed against white leather, this chair still gives you the bold racing-chair look in a way that is much more subdued. It offers back support, and each section can be tilted backward so it's almost as though you're reclining.


5. Neo Chair for Gaming, $124.98

Look, if you absolutely have to have a gaming-specific chair, this one will definitely do the trick. Its cream leather and maroon detailing makes it easier on the eyes. Plus, it has all the cushioning that gaming chairs are known for, as well as ergonomic support and tilting ability.


6. Lowellville Patacas Ergonomic Executive Chair, $129.99

If you're searching for a gaming chair for a teen's room and you'd like something softer on the eyes, this chair comes in a stunning bright pink hue. It would look super cute with a white faux fur rug draped over its back. It still has lots of padding, lumbar support, and the ability to tilt back into a position that almost allows it to qualify as a recliner.


7. Glitzhome Midcentury Modern Leatherette Adjustable Office Chair, $252.02

Not only does this chair have a beautiful shape, but it also comes in some stunning colors, including camel, cream, and gray. Each of the colors is available in a bonded leather fabric that's super durable and will stand the test of time. It also provides ergonomic support and a padded headrest so that you stay cozy.

8. Corrigan Studio Harkness Ergonomic Executive Chair, $286.99

This sleek chair will add a polished look to your video gamer's favorite space. Don't worry, it's still comfortable. It features a padded headrest, lumbar support, and the ability to adjust the seat's angle. It can also be tilted backward and features padded armrests.

9. Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, $1,595

You know if Herman Miller is getting into the mix, the trend is here to stay. Although certainly a splurge, for design enthusiasts, there's no better option.