8 Composting Containers That You Won't Mind Showing Off

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We can all agree that composting is great, but the valuable space that the clunky containers take up on our counters isn't. You simply shouldn't have to choose between helping the environment and having a chic kitchen, which is why we rounded up the most attractive compost bins that don't sacrifice style. From a minimalist bucket to a sleek caddy that attaches to your trash can, these compost containers are not just good-enough — they're so cute you'll want to show them off.


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1. Bamboozle Portable Compost Bin, $40

Durable, biodegradable bamboo fibers are used to craft this minimalist compost bin, which means it's sustainable in both material and purpose. The natural, square-shaped handle makes for flawless transportation.

2. Cliff Spencer for Alasaw Noaway Countertop Wood Compost Bin, from $145

If you're willing to splurge for style, look to this handsome, salvaged wood compost bin that comes in two sizes and three finishes. The rich walnut option is a stunner — and so discreet that no one will know it's filled with banana peels and carrot tops.

3. Mason Cash In The Forest Countertop Compost Bin, $30

With a charming woodland-inspired pattern, this coated steel compost bin and its spring green top were specifically designed to flaunt on the counter. It has practical elements, too, like a removable, easy-clean plastic liner and carbon filters that fend off odors.

4. Natural Home 1-Gallon Ceramic Compost Bin, $34.99


Made of glossy, non-toxic earthenware, this adorable compost canister disguises food scraps, coffee grounds, or other dry essentials for countertop display. Plus, the lid features a charcoal filter that will absorb odors for up to six months.

5. Rosti Mepal Modern Compact Compost Bin, $24

For a contemporary look, this funky, cone-like compost bin should be your go-to. The best part about it (after its quirky form) is that it's dishwasher-safe, so you can give it a quick run-through on the regular to keep smells at bay.

6. Simplehuman 4-Liter Compost Caddy, $49.99

This sleek, stainless steel compost caddy is a super versatile way to store food scraps. It hangs on the side of your trash can to create an all-in-one garbage center, but you can also separate it for easy counter access.

7. Typhoon Homewares Classic Countertop Compost Bin, $30

Matte and fashionable, this powder-coated steel compost tin is an ideal countertop companion. Its two-quart size means it'll fit in tight spaces, while its plastic insert makes emptying a breeze.


8. Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin, $21.95

In kitchens with stainless steel appliances, this unassuming compost bin will blend right in. Its stainless steel construction is good for more than just matching, though — the material also offers longevity and durability, so it won't scratch, chip, or crack over time.