The Biggest 2021 Plant Trends, According to Experts

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It's time to start manifesting the type of plants you want to welcome into your home in 2021. Having spent nearly nine months cooped up at home has proved that we need our green pals around to improve not only the air quality and ambiance of our living spaces, but also our mental and emotional health.


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Whether you became a plant parent for the first time this year or have been for a while, it's safe to say that we all frequented our local nursery or shopped online for new plants more than ever before.

We spoke to the plant experts about which leafy friends were the most popular in 2020 and what trends we should look out for in the new year.


"From 'tried and true' plants like the snake plant, ZZ plant, and pothos—to trendier options like the blooming anthurium, monstera deliciosa, and fiddle leaf fig tree, I think these plants will continue to inspire new plant parents and houseplant enthusiasts alike to bring the outdoors in," Erin Marino, The Sill's director of brand marketing, tells Hunker.


She adds that people will most likely gravitate toward low maintenance plants that also have a visual appeal. For example, snake plants may still reign supreme in 2021.

"With so many different varieties to choose from, you can't get bored of them," Marino explains. "The whale fin snake plant has been very trendy this past year. Personally, I also love the unexpected coloring of the moonshine variety, with its unique silvery green leaves."


Speaking of plants with visual appeal, Marino's also excited for the popular (yet finicky and super high maintenance) ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig tree, to continue to make its way into people's homes in 2021. But she's betting on other varieties of ficus to step onto the scene, including the ficus Audrey (which is seemingly easier to care for than the fiddle) and ficus Tineke (commonly known as a rubber tree).


Bloomscape's resident Plant Mom, Joyce Mast, says our love for all things green isn't going anywhere any time soon.

"2020 was a year that changed the way we live at home, and houseplants became more popular than ever," Mast, who has over 40 years of experience as a horticulturist, tells Hunker. "We anticipate this trend to continue as people discover the joy that comes from bringing nature into the home and the comfort from caring for plants."


Mast agrees with the popularity of the statement-making fiddle, but she believes that the ficus altissima will be "popular next year as a great alternative." This ficus plant variety makes a statement without the more complex care instructions that come with the fiddle.


Additionally, Mast tells Hunker that plants with textured and patterned foliage will keep attracting plant enthusiasts in the new year. "They are not always the easiest to find, but they're well worth the search," she says.

Those plants include the anthurium hookeri, anthurium crystallinum, and the alocasia in black velvet, Polly, regal shield, and frydek varieties.


But beautiful foliage isn't the only trend you can expect in the new year. As people remain at home, Mast believes that edible plants will also continue to grow in popularity. "Having your own freshly grown indoor herbs and vegetable plants is ideal for creating dishes and beverages since you have the necessary ingredients at your fingertips," she adds.

Bloomscape offers a variety of sizes that are perfect for a kitchen or sunny window. For example, you can choose from a variety of aromatic, savory, and spicy herb collections.

Flowercard, a U.K.-based flower delivery service, also took a deep dive into search trends data to reveal the most in-demand houseplants of the moment — along with which ones have seen the biggest surge in popularity, and those that will be trending in the new year.

2020 was seemingly the year of the cactus, with three out of the top five houseplants including the Fishbone cactus, Bunny Ear cactus, and Mistletoe cactus.

While the Fishbone cactus saw the biggest jump in popularity, it isn't the most popular houseplant right now. According to Flowercard's data, that title belongs to the trusty aloe vera, followed by lavender, snake plant, Peace lily, and the Money tree.

Whether you're looking to stay on top of trends or simply going with the flow, it's safe to predict that our love for plants in 2021 will keep unfurling like the leaves on a gorgeous monstera deliciosa.