10 Home Decor Gift Ideas for Your Tarot-Loving Friends

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

The Tarot has long captured our imagination, with references dating back to the mid-15th century in Italy, when it was originally enjoyed as a card game. Decks were often commissioned by royalty, thus designed to suit their standing: ornate, stunning works of art by the most prominent painters of the day. Tarot later evolved "as a way to communicate complex and sometimes inflammatory ideas, through symbols rather than words," writes author Jessica Hundley in ​Library of Esoterica: Tarot. ​"Its archetypal imagery could be comprehended by even the illiterate, and its symbology, drawn from a mix of ancient and mythological sources, offered as a highly organized narrative that defined one's relation to the world, to others, and to one's higher self."


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Today, the 78 cards of the traditional Tarot, consisting of the 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana, are widely available to all, and artists and designers continue to produce imaginative artwork ​and​ furniture inspired by the deck to decorate and guide our existence. While our list of home decor gift ideas for your tarot-loving friends aren't painted in gold leaf, as decks once were for royalty, may they bring its recipients good fortune in the year ahead!


1. Oliver Gal's Sun Tarot Luxe Canvas Print, starting at $73.49

Bring the positive energy of the Sun into the home with this fade-resistant canvas print, which is ready to hang with preinstalled hooks and even a nail and hanger! For other cards, check out Oliver Gal's whole Tarot canvas line.


2. Fortune Teller Palm & Tarot Reader LED Neon Sign, starting at $56

How fun is this? Your friend can open their own shop with this LED sign in their window that lasts for five-plus years. It's available in different color combos and the bulbs can also be swapped out for another color to their heart's desire.


3. Rider Waite Smith Major Arcana Shower Curtain, $57.14

Bath time with candles and Tarot imagery? We have some friends who would definitely enjoy this in their bathroom.


4. Minimalist Tarot Deck Credenza, $454.29

While the Moon card may have negative meanings in the Tarot, this credenza can keep messes hidden with style. And, at this price, maybe you buy this for yourself?


5. Double-Sided Tarot Canvas Room Divider, $117

This 6-feet high, three-panel screen provides privacy — and colorful decor — when you need it, and folds up up easily when you don't.


6. Tarot Magic Throw Pillow, starting at $36.99

Bring comfort and fun with this printed pillow that comes with a cushion insert and a full pop of purple on the backside.


7. World Tarot "Le Monde" Coffee Table, $163.99

You can tell we're really into gold-legged furniture — they dress up spaces instantly. Friends may also appreciate the possibilities Le Monde (the World) ushers in.

8. Library of Esoterica: Tarot, $40

You know what would look really great on that table? Any open spread of the TASCHEN Tarot book, which features hundreds of Tarot cards from over the centuries and illustrated by artists around the globe. Full disclosure: I worked on this book as a copy editor.

9. The Major Arcana & the Wheel of the Zodiac Wall Clock, $22.39

Available in three different frames — black, white, or natural wood — this timepiece will surely appeal to your esoteric-inclined loved ones.

10. Tarot Cards Duvet Cover, Queen, starting at $76.99

How deep is your friend's love for the Tarot? Enough to wrap themselves in it each night? When a reading isn't to their liking, there's always the duvet's flip side: all white.

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