The Paint Trend That Could Shake Up Fall Decor

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Sometimes your space needs a pop of color to make it feel cozier, homier, and that much more chic to look at. And we've got just the perfect idea for that. Best of all? You won't need to break the bank with a new piece of furniture or artwork — all you need is to put your DIY hat on.


According to Backdrop co-founder Natalie Ebel, there's a new trend popping up in people's homes (and Instagram) called The Wall Wave. It takes the idea of an accent wall to the next level.

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"The wave is such a good way to experiment with color," Ebel tells Hunker. "It's also a nice way to incorporate a color you love into your space without committing the whole space."

There's no list of complicated steps on how to achieve the perfect wall wave, all you have to do is not overthink it and go with your gut. When it comes to choosing a colorway for your wall wave, Ebel recommends going for a hue that provides a contrast to your base color.

For example, if you're working with a white wall (like the photos above), try Backdrop's Shy Boys, Novelty Wave, or Kismet colors.


But don't be afraid to try bolder color combinations, too. Ebel recommends Blue Is The Coolest Color, (bright, saturated blue) on Miami Parasol (muted, soft yellow) or School Blazer Blue (deep navy blue) on The Early Stuff (cool blue with a hint of gray).


When it comes to choosing a wall in your space that you want to draw eyes to, you might want to consider "good lighting, moldings, or [an area] that provides the backdrop to your favorite house plant, furniture, or piece of art."

Bonus points if you want to get even more artsy. "We really like the idea of connecting waves to an accent wall too, so that way it feels like the paint is kind of spilling out onto the next wall," Ebel adds.

Or if you can't settle on just two colors, just go full-on wave mural if you want. Happy decorating!



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