From Brewing Cider To Making Candles, These Activity Kits Will Keep You Busy Throughout Fall

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It's time for Fall at Home: Hunker down, bundle up, and make the season as cozy as possible with our foolproof guide to autumn.

The air is starting to turn crisp and the days are getting shorter. It's hard to believe that fall has arrived, but the markings on the calendar say it is so. It looks like we will be spending another season close to home. Many of us have already completed our home improvement checklists, so now is the time for activities that teach us a new skill or help us enjoy time at home with our loved ones. These activity kits are an easy no-brainer when it comes finding that new activity or hobby with bragging rights.

Why do we love s'mores so much? Maybe it's the melted chocolate. Maybe it's the roasting of marshmallows with friends. Maybe it's the final gooey, crunchy bite. Whatever the reason, these sweet treats are a favorite for every season.

Autumn wreaths represent the changing of time and the abundance of harvest. Break out your glue gun and make your own original masterpiece that stands out above the rest.

Brewing your own cider is a fun science experiment and a way to impress your friends with your distillery skills. This kit has all of the ingredients for a no-fail way to create your own perfect gluten-free moonshine.

Embroidery is the perfect way to enjoy a roaring fire and disconnect from the digital world. Make a funky gift for a friend or upgrade an old sweater with a new design.

Plan an evening around a new fall movie release on Netflix. This box of treats will statisfy the cravings of each family member and make it feel like a blockbuster opening night.

You can still have fresh flowers when it gets cold with this indoor gardening kit. Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb, it comes with it's own self-watering system!

The best thing about working with clay is being able to change the shape and style over and over until you get your perfect bowl or mug. Tap into your inner artist and create something with your hands that will stand test of time.

If you can't eat your summer bounty fast enough, canning is the way to enjoy the fruits of your garden all year long. This is an all-in-one solution for first-time canners.

Candles are a staple of fall and make every space more cozy and inviting. Create your own unique scent and include the one-of-a-kind candle in a care package for family far away.

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