I Am Obsessed With These Miniature Home Setups on Instagram

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At this point in quarantine, I've reached a critical point where my usual interests are beginning to bore me immediately and new finds bring me more joy than they probably should. Case in point: I cannot find anything on Netflix that will keep me entertained, while these Instagram accounts featuring miniature home decor setups have me grinning in delight.


I first spotted the account @domestikatethis when Le Creuset regrammed an adorable mini kitchen featuring none other than the brand's beloved Dutch oven in tiny form.

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After sharing with the rest of our editorial team, we all fell down a tiny rabbit hole of adorable miniature home decor setups and scenes that are cuter and more stylish than anything in my apartment will ever be — the attention to detail alone! To quote Colette, the Hunker House manager, "I want to be miniature to explore all of the rooms."

Same, Colette, same. Scroll down to see a few more too-cute-to-handle setups that I'm now obsessed with, too.

The masks, the paper towels, the Gatorade! It's all too much.

This one honestly looks too real to be mini.


Halloween inspo, comin' right up.

A gallery wall worth a million tiny bucks.

Please note the chilled boba tea waiting to be consumed.


If this isn't what my next al fresco meal looks like, I don't want it.

How do I get this rug in my house IRL?



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