14 Items Every Grown Adult Needs in Their Home

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Listen, we're not here to shame anyone — being an adult is hard enough as it is. But, over the years, we've noticed that there are a few items that elevate a house into a well-thought-out home.


And we're not talking about huge investment pieces (although we love those, too). We mean those small things like trading paper towels for reusable napkins, securing matching dishware sets, and investing in a really good vacuum cleaner. The best part? You don't even need to spend a lot to pull it all together. All budgets and spaces can benefit from a few well-thought-out purchases, and luckily, we've done the research for you.

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Here are 14 items that every grown adult needs in their home.

Matching Dishware Set

You don't need anything crazy — start small with four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls. You'll be shocked by how much more "together" your meals look and feel.


Our pick: Tabletops Gallery Embossed Dinnerware Collection, $32.99

A Full Silverware Set

Likewise, if you've accumulated a random assortment of silverware over the years, it's time to get uniform with a matching set. Select your finish of choice — black matte, traditional silver, or even gold — and get at least eight of each utensil. If quarantine's taught us anything, it's that you can never have enough back-up spoons.


Our pick: Farrah 20 Piece Flatware Set, $33.99

Guest Towels

Have you ever scrambled to wash your bath towels in anticipation of a friend coming into town? Even just two additional guest towels will give your space a homier feel for future guests and you won't have to worry about sharing your things.



Our pick: Wamsutta Hygro Duet Bath Towel Collection, $9.99

Hand Towels

Don't make your guests use your suspiciously damp body towel to dry their hands — just don't.


Our pick: West Elm Organic Textured Towels, $9.50


You spent good money on your furniture; don't ruin it with water rings!


Our pick: Pottery Barn Floral Seedlings Cork Coasters, Set of 6, $11.50

Extra Sheet Sets

Even if you're a few years away from securing that extra bedroom, a second seat of bed sheets is always a good investment. It makes sofa sleeping that much more comfortable and allows you to have an alternate in case you need a break from your daily set.



Our pick: Mellanni Bed Sheet Sets, $32.97

Reusable Napkins

Nothing says "I have my life together" like cotton or linen napkins. They're better for the environment and better for your personal style.


Our pick: World Market Buffet Napkins, Set Of 6, 9.99

Salt and Pepper Shakers

You can leave your spices in the container you purchased them in for cooking, but during meals it's nice to have a few cute shakers to put onto your kitchen or dining table. We'll start with one, but it's fun to shake (pun intended) things up for every season.


Our pick: Pottery Barn Gabriella Salt & Pepper Shakers, $12

Toolbox Filled with Tools

If you're not woodworking and renovating in your spare time, you've probably managed to skate through life without a full toolset by borrowing from friends and family. But, today's the day that changes, my friend. You can find a 39-piece toolset for less than $30 that comes with everything you might need for basic jobs, including a hammer, screwdriver, nails, and more.


Our pick: Apollo General Tool Set, $26.20

A Flashlight

You never know when you'll need a flashlight and by the time you need it, it'll be too late to get one. Just don't forget to stock up on batteries!

Our pick: Amuoc Flashlight, $8.59

A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Part of entering into adulthood is actually enjoying vacuuming, so make sure you've got a good one.

Our pick: Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, $69.99

Good Pillows

No more of those flat ones that leave you with a stiff neck all day. (If you need help, our team tested 18 popular pillows so you don't have to.)


Our pick: Crane & Canopy Down Alternative Sleeper Pillow, $40

Nice Glassware

A clear set of glasses is the ultimate kitchen unifier. We love that these can be used for everything from water, juice, and wine to desserts, seasonings, and dipping sauces.

Our pick: Food52 Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses, $32+

A Nice Vase

For when we can finally have guests who bring flowers again. Although mason jars work perfectly in a pinch, one gorgeous vase will make all the difference when you're setting up a bouquet.

Our pick: AllModern Cassella Transparent Glass Table Vase, $43



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