10 Etsy Finds to Feed Your 'Folklore' Aesthetic

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As far as "influencers" go, Taylor Swift has to be, like, Top 5 of all time, right? So with the release of her latest album, Folklore, it comes as no surprise that our feeds are now All-Taylor-All-the-Time. And now that she's put out a video for the single "Cardigan," we're fully assuming that in the coming months, Folklore will be more than just a musical moment. So, what is the "Folklore aesthetic"? Think farmhouse but rougher and dustier. Americana crafts. Brass and worn wood antiques. Lanterns. Brooms. If you feel you need to get a piece of this look, there's no better place to find vintage pieces than Etsy. Here's a roundup of goods to get your Folklore vibes going at home.

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