How to Clean a Pizza Stone

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Pizza stones are designed to cook pizza evenly, ensuring that your crust is cooked to perfection. However, because the stone is porous and can absorb soap, you want to make sure that you clean it properly. Follow these steps on how to clean a pizza stone to ensure that you'll be able to use it for many years.


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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Baking soda

  • Plastic spatula

  • Clean cloth

  • Soft bristled brush

Step 1: Allow the pizza stone to cool completely before cleaning.

Sudden temperature changes in the pizza stone could cause your stone to crack in half. Allow the pizza stone to dry before cleaning.

Warning: Never soak your pizza stone in water. The stone can absorb water and stay moist for a long time. And, if it's moist, it will not cook pizza properly.


Step 2: Lightly scrape the pizza stone.

Use a plastic spatula or scraper to scrape any bits of cheese, toppings, or crust off of your pizza stone. Scraping with metal can cause scratches on your stone, so plastic is always best.

Step 3: Wipe off debris.

Use a soft clean cloth to remove any debris left behind on your stone.


Step 4: Clean the stone using a baking soda and water paste.

If you still have burned on bits of food left on your pizza stone, make a cleaning paste using baking soda and water. Place some baking soda in a small dish and add a little water, then mix together. The paste should be the consistency of toothpaste. Smear the paste on the burned bits and use a soft bristled brush to scrub the debris away.

Step 5: Wipe the stone clean.

Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the pizza stone clean. Rinsing with water is not necessary.

Step 6: Allow your pizza stone to dry.

Air dry your pizza stone for at least one to two hours before using again to ensure that no moisture retained in the stone.