These 2 Purchases Have Cut Down on My Family's Half-Full Dishwasher Runs

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Six months ago, I was eyeing my dream dishware to see if I could rearrange my budget to finally purchase a full dinner party-worthy set. Flash-forward to now, with no social gatherings in sight, and things are way different. At the very least, I'm glad I didn't put my budget toward guest-focused home decor. That said, in recent months, I did find myself buying tableware, but for a very different reason.

My husband and I don't have children and we don't even eat three full meals per day, but somehow, in this work-from-home pandemic situation, we are going through dishes and silverware at a crazy pace. Teaspoons are gone from the drawer within 24 hours. I'm constantly reaching into the dishwasher to wash a plate just to have enough to serve dinner on. We are running the dishwasher every. single. night. Most of the time, the dishwasher is about 65% full, but we're running it just because come morning, there will be no cereal spoons. IT DRIVES ME NUTS! My solution? Double up on plates and silverware in an attempt to cut down half-capacity dishwasher runs.

My choices? Target's completely budget-worthy glass plates. At only $17 for a set of six, it's a steal. As for silverware, that was a bit pricier. We didn't want to have mismatching sets, so bought a second set of our existing flatware: CB2's 20-Piece Rush Brush Gold Flatware Set for $89.95. The result? No more rationing plates or silverware, and feeling way better about our dishwasher being full.

Made by Design Glass Dinner Plates (set of six), $17

CB2 20-Piece Rush Brush Gold Flatware Set, $89.95

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