Now Is the Perfect Time to Bring Back Snail Mail

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Boxes of wrinkled letters are treasures of a bygone era. The thrill of running to the mailbox looking for responses from our summer penpals or postcards from a far off place has gone by the wayside since the invention of email. Now that we're all settled in at home for a bit, it's the perfect time to teach children the art of putting pen to paper and for adults to refine their writing skills and send some love through the mail.


Don't worry if you can't get to the post office, you can buy an array of fun stamps online from the USPS. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Block Shop Foil Stamped Notecards, $34

Send one of these Bauhaus-inspired cards to let someone know you loved the book or movie that they recommended.

Finders Keepers Spring Coloring Card Kit, $8

These sweet cards are perfect for coloring enthusiasts to expend some energy and send to a friend that has inspired their creativity.


The MET Store Fashion 100 Postcards, $22

Missing your Sunday afternoon museum date? Send a fashionable note to let them know you are looking forward to roaming the exhibit halls again.


Pantone Notes, $15


Colorful art cards to thank front line workers for their sacrifice; put one on your mailbox or door to brighten their day.


Jojo Studios Handmade Personalized Stationery, $19

Personalized stationery for kids will get them excited to let a friend know how much they miss playing and telling jokes with them.


Poketo Origami Letter Set, $12

A cheerful Memphis style card will let someone know the reasons you can always count on them.


Everyday Summit Encouragement Card Set, $12

Some people we love may live alone and may not have anyone to be quarantined with, so remind them of your happiest moments together.


Design Within Reach Architectural Greeting Cards, $38

Send one of these bold cards to remind a friend of a time you laughed together so hard your cheeks hurt.



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