The 10 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services (That Also Make Great Gifts)

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Eating nutritious meals every day isn't easy. Throw in a busy schedule, tight budget, or a slew of holiday meals and treats, and making healthy decisions about food can be downright difficult.

Good news: We did a little digging and uncovered a slew of pre-made and meal-prep delivery services that allow you to eat healthy in a pinch. From nourishing Mediterranean-inspired meal kits to ready-to-blend superfood smoothies and beyond, scroll down for 10 meal services you can order online that make eating healthy a breeze.

1. Hello Fresh

Arguably the most popular meal kit service in the game, Hello Fresh has made healthy home cooking easier than ever. Each week, the site offers a selection of 20 delicious and nutritious meals — including vegetarian and low-cal options — for you to pick and choose from. Depending on your plan, you get up to four kits filled with all the necessary ingredients and directions to make your selected meals delivered straight to your front door — no trip to the grocery store necessary!

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2. Daily Harvest

If you're a fan of superfood smoothies and plant-based bowls, then we have found the delivery service for you. Daily Harvest brought pre-blended fruit and vegetable smoothies to the masses when it launched in 2015, and has since expanded to include nutritious pre-made harvest and chia bowls, vegetarian soups, and more, all of which can be prepared in five minutes or less and get delivered directly to your front door.

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3. Sakara

Looking for a plant-based pre-made meal delivery service with a little bit of oomph? Sakara sends already-prepped organic meals, such as white bean chile verde, as well as plant-rich superfood programs, like Beauty Nutrition, with meals designed specifically to improve skin clarity and reduce bloat.

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4. Blue Apron

If you aren't already hip to Blue Apron then now's the time to smarten up. Available nationwide with extra delivery options for certain states, the beloved meal kit delivery service has a rotating menu with health-conscious, Mediterranean-inspired meal prep kits — including WW-approved and diabetes-friendly options — and offers an impressive selection of wine pairings to boot.

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5. Martha & Marley Spoon

Leave it to Martha Stewart to bring quality home cooking to your front door. Martha & Marley Spoon lets you pick from 22 nourishing, Martha-approved meals — think Salmon Provençal with Tomatoes, Zucchini and Olives and Sriracha Shrimp Poke Bowls with brown rice — every week and sends fresh pre-portioned ingredients for the recipes directly to your home.

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6. Green Chef

Organic food lovers rejoice: Green Chef is the very first USDA-certified-organic meal kit service to deliver pesticide, antibiotic, and hormone-free ingredients to your home. In addition to offering a new array of vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and omnivore recipes every week, this nutritious meal delivery service also supplies a variety of lifestyle-minded meal plans, like gluten-free, keto and paleo, that take less than a half-hour to prepare — so making healthy diet choices is easier than ever.

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7. Hungryroot

Think of Hungryroot as a health-consciously curated online grocery store. This inventive food service allows you to shop for nutritious, easy-to-cook food items like veggie noodles and quinoa rice, and helps you turn them into protein-packed meals, including one-skillet stir-fries, in ten minutes or less. Come for the cauliflower linguine but stay for the fresh zucchini slices.

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8. Sun Basket

If you struggle with dietary restrictions then Sun Basket is your solution. The meal-prep service lets you select two or more dinners from their assortment of healthy weekly menus — their Lean & Clean menu, for instance, supplies recipes with less than 600 calories per serving — and sends all the freshly chopped and pre-measured ingredients directly to your door with the click of a button.

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9. Every Plate

Searching for an affordable meal kit service that doesn't skimp on quality? Every Plate delivers pre-portioned ingredients for hearty home-cooked meals that skew on the healthy side, like garden veggie melts with sweet potato rounds, that will only set you back five bucks a box.

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10. Urban Remedy

If holistic living is your M.O., then you might want to consider Urban Remedy. Based in Northern California, this organic food company delivers locally sourced, ready-to-eat meals, juices, cleanses and snacks straight to your home. And with a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle all around, the company also offers everything from guided yoga lessons to evening meditation classes on their website; attracting the likes of wellness-minded celebs like Cindy Crawford and Kate Upton.

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