Colored Glass Is Trending Just in Time for Spring

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Colored glass is having a major moment in home decor and it's not difficult to see why. Simultaneously sleek and sprightly, items made of stained or tinted glass — think lamps, vases, glassware, and even side tables — can look totally different when exposed to light. "Adding a light source at close range to glass can really change the appearance in some surprising ways," says Flannery Cronin of handmade lamp collective Friend of All. "Some of the glass we use looks completely different lit from unlit, which offers a really nice element of surprise."


Looking for some goof-proof ways to try the tinted glass trend at home? Read ahead for seven beautiful colored glass decor items that will instantly brighten up your space.

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1. Friend of All Nightlight 2, $65

A little colored glass goes a long way when setting an ambient lighting scheme. This handcrafted nightlight from Friend of All is composed of several smaller pieces of stained glass and looks just as pretty lit up as it does when not in use.

2. HAY Jug, $40

Whoever said pitchers can't be artful has obviously never seen this golden jug by Danish design brand HAY. Designed by contemporary glass artist Jochen Holz, this eye-catching two-tone glass jug looks more like a sculpture than drinkware.


3. Raawii RELÆ Glass Vase, $65

Why settle for a humdrum flower vase when you can have a tinted glass one instead? This shapely mouth-blown vase features multiple angles that create gorgeous plays of color and light, especially when water is added to it.



4. CB2 Marta Deep Teal Luster Double Old-Fashioned Glass, $4.95

Nothing livens up a dinner spread like colored glassware. This ultrathin drinking glass from CB2 is made of tinted teal blue glass with a chic, shimmery sheen and will only set you back five bucks.


5. Euphemia Ombre Glass Console Table, $384.99

Searching for an entryway console table with a little more pizzazz? This ombre glass console table has one tinted side that casts a soft blue glow when light shines through it.


6. Yuya Suzuki Two-Tone Glass Carafe, $75

The only thing better than a tinted glass carafe is a multicolored one. This commanding two-tone glass carafe set comes with a built-in tumbler so you can always have a glass of water handy.


7. Jochen Holz Colored Wine Set, $520

You can always count on colorful stemware to brighten up a party. Each of the free-blown wine glasses in this stunning set features at least two different tones of tinted glass.



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