10 Surprisingly Magical Ways To Use Magic Eraser Sheets

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We've already championed the mighty Magic Eraser as a surprisingly versatile and necessary addition to your cleaning arsenal. There's very little the humble sponge cannot do, but there are some tasks that are even better suited for its, sigh, thinner, more flexible sister product. Here are 11 amazing ways to use Magic Eraser Cleaning Sheets at home and on the go.


1. Remove labels. Use a damp Magic Eraser Sheet to wipe away labels and their sticky adhesive from cute glass containers and repurpose them around the house! An empty jar of jam will neatly hold a fistful of cotton swabs, for example, and an old-fashioned Coke bottle makes a sweet bud vase.

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2. Pad furniture. Protect linoleum and hardwood floors from furniture scuffs by cutting a Magic Eraser Sheet into small squares and then glue or tape them to the bottom of table and chair legs.


3. Remove toilet bowl rings. Cut a Magic Eraser Sheet in half, drop it in the bowl and allow it to sit for 30 minutes or so. Just remember to toss it in the trash before you flush!

4. Clean your keyboard. Magic Eraser Sheets are super slim, so after wiping down the tops of the keys, use the edge to clean the spaces in between.


5. Make jewelry look good as new. Use a Magic Eraser Sheet to clean gold jewelry and polish tarnished silver, cutting or tearing it into smaller pieces that fit into all the nooks and crannies.

6. Protect your walls from scuffs. Sure, they just hang there, but picture frames have an annoying way of sullying your otherwise pristine walls. The slightest bump can leave behind a scuff mark or chip the paint — unless there's a bumper in between. Cut a Magic Eraser Sheet into four little triangles and use a bit of tape or glue to stick them to each corner of the frame.


7. Make cookware sparkle. Baked on grease leaves a dingy brown stain that's particularly unsightly on glass baking dishes. It's also an absolute chore to remove, especially from underneath the lip, in corners, and around handles. While a Magic Eraser sponge can do most of the hard work, the thin, pliable sheets were made to finish this type of dirty job.

8. Clean up hair dye splatter. The good news is you look GREAT as a redhead. The bad news is your bathroom DOES NOT. The next time you buy a box of hair color, make sure you've got Magic Eraser Cleaning Sheets in your shopping cart as well. One sheet will easily remove any rogue hair dye splatter from painted walls, tile and porcelain.


9. Tidy the toothbrush holder. Be honest — when was the last time you really cleaned that thing? Soak a Magic Eraser Sheet in warm water, roll it up like a tube and then jam it in each hole and twist.

10. Keep your car's interior spic and span. Leave the roll of paper towels at home — keep a pack of Magic Eraser Cleaning Sheets in your car's glove box instead. Use them to clean and disinfect the steering wheel and gear shift, wipe down the dashboard and center console, remove dead bugs from your windshield, and even polish your headlights and hubcaps!



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