Groovy-Meets-Boho Tie-Dye Decor Is Trending

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Tie-dye decor is all the rage these days for a reason. Bold and eclectic, using tie-dyed accessories is a stylish way to bring both a pop of color and boho-vibes into a room.


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Ready to usher some free-spirited flair into your space? From trippy three-legged stacking stools to hand-dyed bedding and beyond, here are seven tie-dye decor items to brighten up your home.

1. Riverside Tool & Dye UO Exclusive Hand-Dyed Rainbow Sheet Set, $208


Searching for a goof-proof way to play with a bright color palette in your bedroom? This eye-catching hand-dyed sheet set turns your bed into an artful display in seconds.


2. Aalto Three-Legged ColoRing 60 Stacking Stool, $570

If you thought there was no such thing as a sophisticated tie-dye stool then it's time to think again. This versatile stool boasts layers of tie-dye style colored lacquer and doubles as a seat, a table, or display stand.


3. West Elm Tie Dye Rug, $499

Why invest in a humdrum area rug when you can have a cool hand-dyed one instead? This tie-dye rug is available in six different colorways and makes a bold statement in any style of room.


4. Federica Elmo/Bloc Studios Side Table, $2,800

Okay, so chances are, you aren't going to spend nearly three grand on a side table, but dang! This collection employs bright, marbleized colors that come off as psychedelic tie dye.


5. Anthropologie Tie-Dye Deskpad, $20

A little tie-dye goes a long way in a workspace. This adorable paper pad features a cork base and tie-dyed paper with metallic rose edges that will instantly energize your workstation.


6. Society6 Pink & Green Wall Clock, $31.99

Looking for a piece of tie-dye decor that won't overpower a space? This colorful wall clock boasts a pink and green tie-dyed face that brings a dash of boho drama to a room.


7. Jacqueline Maldonado For Deny Peach Tie-Dye Wall Hanging, $69

You can always count on a tie-dyed wall hanging to bring bohemian vibes into a room. This textile wall hanging is dressed in peach-toned tie-dye and has fringe-trimmed edges to boot.

8. Chasing Paper Indigo Tie Dye Wallpaper 2' X 4' Sheet, $40

Looking for a more permanent tie-dye solution? Why not give an accent wall a groovy makeover with this bright blue wallpaper by Chasing Paper?