The Best Hand and Stand Mixers to Buy on Amazon

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Whether you're an avid baker, regularly whipping up meringue and kneading brioche, or you just need an occasional fix of homemade brownies, a quality mixer will make your life a whole lot easier. It can quickly and smoothly mix everything from dough to eggs to cream, making it the perfect companion for virtually any baking endeavor.


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Typically, most people need to decide between the two different types of mixers: hand and stand. A hand mixer is, aptly, a handheld device that you can use to mix ingredients pretty much anywhere, be it over a sink or a countertop. They usually come with basic attachments, like beaters and dough hooks, and are typically less expensive, easier to clean, and simpler to operate than stand mixers. However, hand mixers don't have as many features or the durability of their standing counterparts.

Stand mixers aren't portable, so you'll need a designated spot on your countertop, but they're ideal for when you're ready to elevate your baking game to the next level. In addition to supporting basic attachments, stand mixers can use more advanced attachments, like food grinders and pasta makers. They also work independently from you, stopping automatically when they're finished, so you can walk away while they're working their magic. These feature-packed devices are more expensive and complex than hand mixers, but they'll allow you to bake even the most complex recipes.

Below, we rounded up the best mixers for every type of baker, so you can make all your baking dreams come true, no matter how lofty (or not).

Best Budget Hand Mixer

This hand mixer is small but mighty, packing a powerful 250W motor that will whisk, mix, and knead ingredients in a flash. It also comes with more attachments than your typical budget-friendly hand mixer, including two stainless steel beaters, two dough hooks, and one balloon whisk.

The mixer features five different speeds in addition to a turbo boost, allowing you to mix everything from airy soufflés to thick dough mixtures. And the ultra-long, five-foot cable means you won't have to worry about accidentally unplugging it when you're bouncing around the kitchen. The mixer is also easy to clean and all of the attachments are dishwasher-safe, making would-be messy baking ventures a total breeze.


Best Overall Hand Mixer

If you're looking for more than the basics but you're not venturing into stand mixer territory just yet, then you need this hand mixer in your life. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, the mixer's powerful 350W motor will beat and mix even the toughest ingredients to smooth perfection in almost no time at all. In addition to being ultra-powerful, the motor's SmartMix technology shifts the weight of the mixer from your hand to the bowl, doing the hardest work for you.

Meanwhile, a one-handed VarioControl speed dial allows you to smoothly move between the 10 different speeds, while an attachment button lets you easily switch between accessories. Speaking of attachments, the mixer comes with two dough hooks in addition to two-in-one beaters and whisks, saving you precious storage space. And once you've baked your creation, you can simply toss the attachments in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Best Budget Stand Mixer

Ready to graduate from a hand mixer to a stand mixer? Then check out this high-quality yet budget-friendly beauty, perfect for baking more advanced dishes. The mixer's seven different speeds let you move from a slow stir to a turbo mix with control. And if you're not sure how fast you should be mixing particular ingredients, simply reference the top of the mixer for a built-in guide on the right speeds for various mixing methods.

The mixer also features a convenient, tilt-up head design that makes it easy to add ingredients and switch attachments, and its planetary mixing action moves attachments throughout the entire bowl, ensuring that you never have to stop and scrape while getting your mix on. The mixer comes in four fun hues and features as many dishwasher-safe attachments, including a flat beater, dough hook, whisk, and splatter shield, allowing you to make anything your little baking heart desires.


Best Stand Mixer Overall

For the serious baking enthusiast, it doesn't get any better than this KitchenAid gem. The mixer's 10 variable speeds can tackle any task, wet or dry, while its bowl-lift design provides added support when mixing the heaviest batches. Plus, it features 67-point planetary mixing action, allowing the attachments to reach every inch of the bowl, no scraping required.

In addition to the mixer, you'll receive 10 different attachments, including a burnished metal flat beater, Power Knead spiral dough hook, and a six-wire whisk. Plus, you can purchase 12 additional attachments, like food grinders and pasta makers, to really show off your culinary skills.