Add to Cart: A Jigsaw Puzzle That's Basically Art

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As an avid jigsaw puzzler, I can tell you that the practice can often feel a bit wasteful. Like, I may or may not have half a closet filled with puzzle boxes that I will never touch again.


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Yes, I know it's totally a thing to turn your puzzles into framable artwork. Thing is, I'm not too keen on having my walls adorned with wolf families, Venice canals, or tropical fish.

Enter Jiggy, a jigsaw puzzle company that commissions female artists to lend their work for beautiful and unique puzzles. The offerings range from puzzles showcasing collages, watercolor paintings, or illustrations. What's more, each puzzle arrives in a gorgeous, completely reusable glass tube, along with special puzzle glue that allows you to seal your finished creation, transforming it into a framable work.

The puzzles range from $40 to $48, which is a pretty sweet deal for a piece of art that also provides hours of entertainment.


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