6 Magic Eraser Products You Didn't Know Existed (But Are Just as Magical)

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We know the Magic Eraser. We love the Magic Eraser. (It literally changed one of our editor's lives.)

But, in addition to having more than 21 wonderfully unexpected uses, did you know that there is more to the Magic Eraser than just the classic sponge? In fact, we found six undiscovered Magic Eraser products that seemingly work just as miraculously as their OG namesake. From bathroom cleaners to full-blown mops, here are six Magic Eraser products you didn't know existed.

Magic Eraser Toilet Scrubber, $11.99

That's right, you can use the magic of the eraser to complete the world's worst job: Toilet scrubbing. It easily scrubs away any unmentionable marks or stains, can be disposed of and refilled with the touch of a button on the handle, and includes the power of Febreze to leave a pleasantly fresh scent behind.

Magic Eraser Grout Scrubber, $16.10

Dirty grout is one of those things that doesn't seem like a huge deal until you clean it and see that the results are literally night and day. And take our word for it — nothing makes cleaning grout easier than the Magic Eraser grout scrubber. It uses the power of the classic sponge, plus an easy-to-hold, extendable brush to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber, $9.88

The micro-scrubbers and foaming cleanser on this Febreze-scented Magic Eraser are designed to lift and remove soap scum three times better than the leading all-purpose cleaner. Use it on hard water stains in tubs, soap scum on shower glass, grime on tile and grout, and toothpaste residue on counters — and thank us later.

Magic Eraser Butterfly Mop, $27.99

If you're spending any time mopping your floors, step away from the old mop now! A majority of reviewers say that they used to get on their hands and knees to use the classic Magic Eraser to scrub their floors clean. This cuts down on time and effort. Simply add water, use the easy-pull wringer lever to squeeze excess moisture out, and get ready to reveal flawless floors. Unfortunately, you can't use it on hardwood, but it's safe for vinyl, tile, marble, and stone. And don't be thrown by the less-than-stellar reviews: Many people that aren't happy say that it's because the refills don't fit, but others who love it say that all you need to do is loosen the screws on the head of the mop and that solves the issue!

Magic Eraser Extra Power Mop, $40.93

Just like the mop above, this nifty contraption uses the magic of the sponge and helps lift all sign of wear and tear off of all non-wax floors — just with extra manpower. If you have hard-to-clean floors or pets or messy kids running around, the extra power mop is the way to go. Reviewers swear that their white tile floors are immediately cleaner after use and that it cuts traditional mopping time down by half. The only downside? It can't be used on hardwood floors, but bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else without wood flooring is a go.

Magic Eraser Sheets, 16 Count, $14.91

Consider this the Magic Eraser-Lysol wipe hybrid. It has the same power of the OG model but is best for smaller messes or confined spaces. It's great for cleaning greasy stovetops, tough stains in microwaves, grimy fridge handles, and hard water spots and stains on sinks and faucets. You can use it without having to worry about wasting the full Eraser.

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