How to Update Your Entire Living Room for Less Than $1,000, According to a Designer

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The centerpiece of your home's lounging space does not need to be your television. In fact, there are endless cost-effective touches that can transform a room into the perfect place for a social cocktail, a cup of coffee, or a good book and a pair of slippers.

Giving this room a revamp shouldn't need to break the bank either. Shopping at accessible stores can give your space the creative lift it needs if you know how to look for the right pieces. Urban Outfitters can not only can transform your wardrobe; it can also provide unique furniture and accessory pieces to add a hip flavor to any room in your home.

Rayman Boozer, founder of design firm Apartment 48, shared his go-to picks for redesigning a room with a budget of $1,000. "We imagined this as a way to spruce up an existing space, keeping some of one's current furniture and mixing in fresh, new pieces at affordable prices," he says.

Take some inspiration from Boozer and start the year with a new look in your home and money still in the bank.

Essential to any lounge space is comfortable furniture. This oversized cushy chair is a more grown-up take on a bean-bag chair with a neutral but sleek color that could fit seamlessly into any relaxing space. "It's hard to find something this cozy and modern for under $300," says Boozer. "I could lounge in this all weekend long."

"Pure retro sunshine," says Boozer. "The 1970s are trending right now and the potential color combinations are endless." Adding a splash of vibrance to your room doesn't need to come from larger staple items. Smaller accent pieces like this throw pillow by Deny Designs can add an essential pop to any color palette.

Modern and sleek, the confetti-on-resin design of this surface is a perfect way to add a bold punch to the center of a layout. According to Boozer, "The Taryn Coffee Table design is gorgeous and I can see it standing on its own in almost any room."

A great way to balance color in a space is with this fresh cotton rag rug. Simultaneously modern in design and vintage in style, Boozer says, "This Moroccan, Boho throwback is incredibly versatile and can complement almost any design story."

Tasteful wall or tabletop art pieces can be some of the most costly decor buys, but Urban Outfitters provides a collection of artwork from a range of designers that can add creativity to your home at an affordable price. "I love the orange and natural wood combination," says Boozer about this Rhianna Marie Chan piece. "This print can stand on its own, or you can mix with your favorite photography."

"The Sterling lamp is a perfect color accent and is certain to brighten up your space," says Boozer. A ceramic boho table lamp can add a dash of vintage to your room while still providing a nice warm light to create a cozy ambiance.

Hilary Milnes

Hilary Milnes is a writer and editor based in New York.